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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


When I told my roommate that I was making a playlist for le blog of my favorite rap and R&B jams from the 90s and early 2000s, she goes, "That's such a white girl thing to do."

Well, guess what? I am a white girl. And I will own this cliche like I owned the CD single of Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule I'm Real (Murder Remix): with pride. Our formative years as "millennials" -- listening to a boom box in your room at age 10 and later driving to a keg party at age 17 -- were soundtracked by these songs.

These are sing-and-pretend-to-rap-along party songs. You know every line. But perhaps you're the smug guy in the corner drinking scotch from a Solo cup and rolling your eyes...Wait, who am I kidding? That guy would never read this blog. Moving on.

You've heard these jamz a million times and so have I. But guess what? Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if I listen to any Van Morrison today I might lose it. Also, I can guarantee that your work day won't seem quite so long if you just listen to a little Ma$e.

Sing along, laugh a little, and remember that even if you're too cool for Luda now, you still know all the words to "What's Your Fantasy." It's random it's silly, and it's all for you, my cyber Valentines. 

Did I miss any of your favorites? It's a pliable playlist people - let's hear it!