Spring Menswear Continued...

Here are my best little nuggets of style advice for manly men who don't think it's ridiculous to care about how they dress. Because it isn't.  It's sexy as hell.

  • Pastels are a big 'lady trend' this season, but you can rock them too. It couldn't be easier with oxford shirting like this from J. Crew. (And will definitely bring out the sparkle in your eye.) I also like the array of washed-out and wearable colors in these Gap slim cut khakis.
  • Rebel against all this "pop of color" business and try a pop of pattern. For example, these delightful ties from Sid Mashburn
  • Try a lighter denim. It's casual, a bit unexpected, and dad-ish in a good way. No need to get creative, Levi's 501s in medium or light stonewash are pretty perfect. Warning though, the rest of your outfit needs to be pretty on to pull these off, if you know what I mean. For the extra-adventurous, try some off-white denim, as illustrated by Valet.
  • Show me some ankle. Roll your cuff - jeans or khakis - just do it.
  • Skip the socks. But if you must, make them fun.
  • Loosen up with an unstructured blazer;  take a look at all these gems from L.B.M. 1911.
  • Nautical stripes are not just for girls and French men. If it was manly enough for James Dean, it's manly enough for you. 
  • For some reason I have a sort of anti-v-neck stance (PTSD from U of A, I think), but a crew neck pullover, like one of these from A.P.C., or this one from Club Monaco, is perfect on it's own or layered.
  • I know you probably want to tear out your eyes and ears over how much you hear about girls fawning over Ryan Gosling, but really, the man can dress. Can you pull off a silk pajama shirt? Probably not, but it's worth looking in to.
  • See also: Matt Lauer (or his stylist, perhaps).
  • Don't let me see you in a short-sleeve button down. They're the worst. Always. If you need a collar, that's what polo shirts are for.
  • Boat shoes, tennis shoes and oxfords. Double monk straps if you're fancy. I like these. And these. And these. (Generally, I dig a brown or tan shoe, clearly. They go with everything.)
  • I learned a long time ago from Lawrence that Vans Authentics are where it's at for guys tennies, so, yeah. I trust him and you should, too. (More fun colors here.)
Where to shop: Mr. PorterGiltManJ. CrewClub Monaco, and Sid Mashburn, to name a few.

Don't trust me? Want the thoughts of an actual guy but you're too lazy to visit a menswear blog? Well fine. Here are the thoughts and opinions of five real guys, who go out into the world everyday wearing clothes. At least, most of the time, I think.

"If you're like me you're way too poor to floss any bling this summer, which is a total bummer. Thankfully, menswear god Sid Mashburn's exotic taste in African beads can hold you over until a relative dies or you win the lotto." ~ Lawrence

"Finally socks will stop inserting themselves in the relationship between my feet and my shoes. Socks are such a cock block." ~ Joey

"The one thing that spring summer means to me stylistically is khakis.  Summer is the only time they are acceptable in my mind. Wearing them in winter screams intern and we are past that, grow up and get some dark non jean pants. That said, summer is a great time to turn up the douche level a notch, but just one. Pastels, critters, non-Abercrombie d-ring belts are all fair game, just make sure that only one item over does it. Critter shorts? Subtle belt and shirt, etc. Use madras sparingly. Since we will all be wearing fewer items, fit doubles in importance.  Keep shorts at or above the knee, and make sure shirts are tailored in the body. Nothing ruins a solid summer look like a box of a shirt." ~ Bret

"Just picked up some lightweight blue Carhartts at Work in Progress in Soho. Those rolled up with a grey tee and some new kicks that I haven't bought yet will be worn (too) many times in the near future. " - Anderson

"I want to be a reflection of my journey; West Coast insouciance smashed together with NY swank. A 6 pack of Rolling Rock meets a Ciroc Martini." ~ Jerry

So. There you have it. I hope this helps you studly dudes look your best this spring. Let me know your thoughts!

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