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Hey! Thanks for stopping by shut up, i love that shirt on you. I'm Taylor, and this is my blog. Along with a lot of personal style, you'll find this site is frequently spiced up with more than fashion. You'll find...

I moved to New York in the summer of 2010 from my hometown, Seattle. I grew up there with a retail fashion exec mother and a photographer/editor father, so two of my greatest joys in life are fashion and photography. As a journalism student in college, I turned my enjoyment of writing into a career trajectory I just can't shake. 

From August 2011 to February 2013, I was the Senior Editor at Independent Fashion Bloggers as well as the primary contributor to Eat, Sleep, Denim - a advertorial denim blog owned by Shopbop. Currrently, I am the Fashion & Menswear Editor at Lifestyle Mirror.

I love: vintage jewelry, Frank Sinatra, bourbon, and ballet flats.


As my blog has grown, I've had the pleasure of building connections and participating in projects with brands that I genuinely love. This has manifested itself in various ways, including gifted merchandise you'll see in a personal style post. (I indicate this with a "c/o" and the brand name, so you know!)

It's my pledge to you, as readers and seekers of authentic, useful and fun fashion insights, that I will always disclose when such a product or project is being used in a post.

When you see a link to a product or store in my posts, it may be through an affiliate partner, from which I can earn a small percentage of either commission from a sale (with Rewardstyle) or just the click (ShopSense). This small income helps me keep the site running (and pay my rent!)


All banner art and page illustrations are original, commissioned work from my insanely talented friend Inslee. I would imagine they are copyrighted by her, so don't steal them!