Monday, December 3, 2018


It's that time of year... When I post the revived (and revived again) SUILTSOY playlist classic, "The Holiday Mix & Mingle." I've been posting some version of this playlist since about 2012, and every season I add and remove a few tunes to keep it fresh. You'll still find my all-time favorites like "Cool Yule" and "I'm Beginning to See The Light" as well as gems from The O.C.'s holiday album and our modern holiday crooning mascot, Michael Bublé. 

But wait, there's more! Spotify got a bunch of amazing artists to record new versions of holiday classics last year, so I put a few of them into the mix, like Sam Smith singing "River" (swoon!) and Yoke Lore's fun electro version of "Last Christmas."

Finally a quick PSA: I urge you to indulge in some holiday music whenever you get a chance, because, well, we could use it. It's really easy to fall into a state of despair over the news—from the fires in California to the crisis at the border and the dire predictions about climate change that came out last month. It has been a year. Again. I'm not recommending you tune out completely, obviously, because we have to stay vigilant and informed. But let yourself lean into the simplistic bliss of holiday music written half a century ago. It will make you feel delightfully out of touch with reality, if just for an hour or so. So close your Twitter feed, pick up a novel you've been meaning to read, brew up a mug of tea or hot chocolate, get under a blanket and chiiiiiiillll.

And on a much lighter note, don't forget that this playlist makes a great soundtrack for any upcoming holiday parties and cocktail hours you have on the calendar! It's fun! And festive! Have a yule that's cool!


Image credit: Bailey and Martin (see the full post from this lovely party at Grace's apartment here, too!)


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