Monday, October 22, 2018


Image credits from left to right:

The "save" feature on Instagram is my favorite thing right now. It's not as glorious as the heyday of Pinterest, but it gives me that fix of organized outfit porn that I often crave. And this fall, I've developed quite the little archive of inspiration—from a variety of stylish gals I follow. 

On one of my recent Instagram deep dives that started on the explore page and ended in an obsession, I discovered Leia Sfezwho is French and has perfect hair and perfect style, I have determined. She has me deeply, deeply considering growing my hair out and cutting bangs (again) and has reignited my hunt for the perfect pair of stiff, skinny-ish high-waisted Levi's. (I think these are the ones I need, by the way.)

Also worth noting is that top right corner look from Giovanna Engelbert—who usually dresses so delightfully and whimsically over the top—in a simple, billowy shirt dress with a delicious oatmeal-color sweater tied around her shoulders. With her hair down and that little white bag, it's so casually glam I can't get over it.

Here's what else I'm feeling inspired to try, thanks to these ladies...
  • A belt around a menswear blazer à la Alicia and Aimee
  • Julie's white turtleneck sweater with hoop earrings pairing
  • Fleece and slinky silk like Anine Bing
  • Jen's perfect crewneck t-shirt and cozy teddy coat
  • Caramel, tawny browns and white worn together à la Leia
  • Blair's sophisticated-prep approach to denim
  • An oversized teddy coat like @figtny (who doesn't share her name anywhere easy online, ha!)


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