Friday, July 20, 2018


If, when you hear those first few cords of 'Harvest Moon,' you do not immediately feel a surge of romantic love (even if it's directed towards no one in particular) I don't know if I can trust your emotional range as a human. Seriously.

You want to kiss someone. You want to slow dance. You want to hold someone's hand and go for a walk on a warm summer night. It is one of those songs that, after you hear it the first time, you feel a bit changed. Neil Young can do that to you. And I know, this is not exactly a deep cut, but I do not care about unabashedly loving one of his most popular songs. It's beautiful and iconic and that's that.

Now, I wouldn't trust many bands or singers to cover this song in a way that pleases me, but lo and behold, Lord Huron has gone and done it.  I love them, as evidenced by their presence in past MWMM posts and playlists, so I suppose there's a certain amount of bias on my part, but give this cover, from their recent Spotify Singles recording, and then defy me.

Their version of the song has a lazy, dreamy Hawaiian-tinged vibe that's hard to resist, especially this time of year. (Is that a harp I hear?) It's the auditory version of swinging in a hammock with a Mai Tai in your hand and a breeze in your hair.

So do yourself a favor this weekend and cue up Lord Huron's cover of Harvest Moon while you're enjoying some happy hour drinks (maybe a Spritz?) with your friends. Add it to a happy hour playlist, perhaps? It will feel so right. Trust me. Also, not for nothing we're about halfway through summer right now... So don't forget to look around, feel the warm sun on your skin and enjoy it.


*If you're interested in another cover, Poolside has a good, super-peppy version too, that feels dreamy and escapist in a way all it's own.

*For reference, the above gif is Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon.


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