Monday, June 4, 2018


If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I truly love having friends in high places. For the second year in a row, my girl Megan received an invite to attend the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic as a VIP guest—with a plus one. Like a new boyfriend eager to impress his girlfriend's friends at a wedding, I do my best to make her look good and be a welcome addition to the party. We dress up, we show up, and we drink a lot of really good champagne.

This year it was... Hot. And not just because of the dudes below holding very large bottles of Veuve. It was 80 degrees before we'd even boarded the ferry, and the sun was out all day. As per tradition, and despite the soaring temps, we had long, wonderful, bubbly rosé-fueled day. We posted a lot on social media (natch, and also #sorrynotsorry) and got to catch up with our other fabulous celebrity-adjacent friends. (As in, we were all hiding from the blazing sun under the same gigantic tent as beautiful people like Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz.)

This event always feels like the official kick off of summer in the city because it's just so damn fun. People get dressed up, they get a little tipsy, they eat tuna tar tar out of tiny ice cream cones and mango sorbet out of tiny lipstick cases. They also may or may not try to become friends with Gale King and B-level cast members of This Is Us while everyone else is stomping the divots... (What? That definitely "wasn't Megan.")

Anyway, we had a lovely time, I will admit that I was pretty hungover at about 11 p.m., once I'd already been home for five hours. I hope I get to keep my status as a professional +1 next year! And in the meantime, here are a few more photos from the day that are honestly for my own enjoyment as much as yours... 

This look combo is called "Destiny's Childing" and it's a term that Megan introduced to me. It's when you're excellently coordinated but not quite matching. We actually both ended up having wardrobe panic attacks the night before the event (we had a sleepover) and the resulting outfits we landed on also happened to be excellently coordinated in shades of red, white and blue. Go America, go us.

I'm wearing an outfit almost entirely shopped from my own closet. The dress is Zara from last year, the shoes are Aldo, also from last year. My sunglasses are those extra-large Wayfarers from Ray-Ban, the earrings were a loan from Mignonne Gavigan and the bag was a gift from a very cool accessory brand, GG Maull

Photos taken by: Me, Megan and one of those dudes holding those giant bottles.


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