Tuesday, June 12, 2018


So I was talking about Father's Day over the weekend with Megan while we were recording a podcast. (Did you know we do a podcast? Well, we do and you can rate / review / subscribe right here!)

Anyway, we were talking about gift ideas, and how it's kind of a bogus "holiday" and spending more than $100 on a gift is just not necessary. That said, we both agreed that it's nice to get Dad a little something. 

Megan is a big believer in giving the gift of upgraded grooming, because it's something that won't go to waste. Nice shampoo and conditioner? A delicious-smelling soap? Just put those bad boys in the shower as soon as he unwraps them and they will be enjoyed, guaranteed. My vote is for a big, beautiful bar soap from a new brand on my radar, Commodity. My favorite scent (the one in my shower right now, actually) is called Orris, but I've heard good things about Tonka, too.

Speaking of things that smell good, I'd also like to tip my cap in the direction of this Armani cologne. I mentioned it in my own beauty post the other day because I've been wearing it, but I promise you it is a low-key, lovely, unisex scent. If you're looking for a Father's Day gift for the father of your child, this is a great pick because it's kind of sexy, and you get to reap the benefits of its use!

A few other ideas I like for younger dads include cool, stylish stuff for him to wear that he'll, you know, actually wear—especially this summer. First up is what might be my favorite men's shirt to ever exist, the Bonobos Riviera short-sleeve button up. It comes in tons of really fun prints, as well as three fits and three lengths—which is pretty amazing for an $88 shirt. I also, surprise to no one, feel like a pair of Allbirds would make a great Father's Day gift. They're $95 and they work on everyone. The new tree runners are fun and again, perfect for summer!

Now, most of the other gifts on my guide here are almost self-explanatory, so I'll go ahead and briefly explain them anyway:

A stylish $60 dart board, because darts is a really fun game, and one that you and dad can play together. (I stan so hard for all games-as-gifts, just as a reminder!)

A bottle of Bushwick Kitchen Bee's Knees Spicy Honey, because it makes almost everything taste way better, from salads to cheese boards, pizza, toast, crostinis with ricotta and prosciutto... I could go on.

Bodum's 51 oz Iced Coffee Maker will be a game-changer for Dad's morning routine if he, like any normal human, loves cold brew. Prep the night before, leave it in the fridge to do magical things, and in the morning, voila, you're flying to the moon. (In your mind. It's strong.)

Okay so, technically the Yeti Roadie cooler is closer to $200, but it's an investment for the whole family! These things are basically indestructible and does all your favorite things—road trips, picnics, backyard events, fishing trips, pool parties... You get the idea.

Speaking of the great outdoors, if Dad loves any of the above activities, or you know, camping, he'll get a kick out of Burton's camping table. It's lightweight and packs down super-small, plus it's got two cup holders so you can crack open a cold one with your father and play some cards or something, because it's the quality time that he really wants!

My dad likes sipping Casamigos tequila. If yours does too, follow my lead and get him a bottle of the brand's new Mezcal! It tastes like the sophisticated love child of scotch and tequila, which is kind of fitting for the holiday, no?

And finally, a slightly unexpected gift idea I am very, very here for: a plant.

When the really nice folks over at Bloomscape sent me a pitch email about giving the gift of in-home horticulture for Father's Day, I was intrigued. I've only recently become obsessed with filling my tiny East Village apartment with plants-as-decor, and the last time someone gave me an orchid as a gift, it felt like more of a responsibility than a treat.

I asked Bloomscape's founder, Justin Mast, who comes from five generations of greenhouse growers and florist industry innovators, to sell me a bit on the benefits of plants-as-gifts. And I gotta say, he pretty much nailed it:

"People tend not to look beyond the necktie for a Father’s Day gift. A plant is unique, healthy for the whole home and something a family can bond with that doesn’t need to be taken for walks or can’t be left home alone. Bloomscape’s living room ready plants make the process easier, because dad’s plant shows up at the doorstep ready to go. Bloomscape takes care of the hardest part - growing the plant. Unlike a necktie, a plant is something the whole family can enjoy."

Why should you believe Justin? Because horticulture is in his blood. Also, he genuinely just loves plants and cares about helping other people love plants, too.

"Bloomscape wouldn’t exist without the knowledge my parents gave, and continue to give, me about how to be successful in this industry. The gift of a plant affords that same opportunity for a father and his children to bond over the responsibility of caring for a living thing and watching it grow."

Aren't you so sold? I am. I love the idea that growing and caring for a plant can be this sort of nice, low-key way for some parent-child bonding. Plus, when you shop on Bloomscape, they give you all the information you could need, including how hard it is to take care of and whether you can have it around pets!

There you have it! Father's Day is just a nice reminder to make sure your dad (or the father of your children, or your grandpa, or your brother who's a dad now) feel appreciated. So get him a little something. Or at least call him on the phone.


  1. My dad has worn only Armani Acqua di Gio for YEARS (as long as I can remember) so whenever he's almost running out that's what we get him for bday/Xmas/etc.
    Last year my sisters and I got him Allbirds and he really likes them! It was a very successful gift. When we told him they were all the rage in NYC he felt like a "cool dad"!

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