Tuesday, May 8, 2018


{ Zendaya in custom Versace }

On my Instagram stories last night, I captioned Zendaya's look, "Joan of Chic!" And truly—just look at her! She took the theme of the newest costume exhibit at The Met (Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination) and the dress code ("Sunday best") to a very cool and just barely flirting with costume-y place. Her head-to-toe aesthetic is glamorous, interesting, thematic, and just plain striking! And so, she gets my vote for best dressed.

While Kim Kardashian also wore custom Versace chainmail (and looked so bodied it was almost ridiculous), Zendaya actually managed to have a little fun with the theme of the night. (Joan of Arc is a heroine of France and a Catholic saint, if you need a refresher.) 

And here's the thing—Zendaya wasn't the only one! This was a really, really exciting and whimsical red carpet overall. I haven't felt inspired to write anything about the Met Gala since 2014, and it was only just okay that year. Well, it's 2018 now and I am back on it with many thoughts and feelings.

Why? Because in a year that has felt like a never-ending onslaught of bad news, tragedy and political scandal, it was nice to shelf all of that for a few hours and ogle some truly outrageous fashion. How refreshing that we got a little dose of the good kind of crazy, right? Rihanna came dressed as a literal pope, and Lily Collins could best be described as a sexy, gothic nun—but like, in a chic way. 

// Indulge me, if you will (by clicking through below), while I wax poetic about some of my favorite looks of the night... //

They're never ones to disappoint in the fashion sphere, but damn does Migos look cool! If you know anything about their music (I kind of do?), it should come as no surprise that Offset, Takeoff and Quavo are all wearing Versace sequin tux jackets. And those velvet slippers! And the jewelry! And the coordinating shirts underneath! They look sharp, they're on theme, they stand out, they just look so dope. This trio comes in a very close second for me in my best-dressed ranking.

It's also worth noting from a menswear perspective that the only guy who came close to matching Migos' enthusiasm for the theme in the right way was the ever dapper Chadwick Boseman, also in Atelier Versace. Not many men could pull off this look, and not many men should try, but he looks absolutely regal... And dare I say, divine, in this caped ensemble. Again, it's over the top in a way that feels absolutely right for the event.

Look at these two! Cardi B and Jeremy Scott (both in custom Moschino designed by Scott) look straight out of a renaissance painting—if that painting were done in 2018 and then every inch of it was dripping in pearls and gems. Cardi has had a really playful and adventurous relationship with fashion since she blew up last summer, and to see her unabashedly lean this far into the theme (That hair and headpiece!) for her first Met Gala is really impressive.

Lily Collins was one of the early arrivals of the night, and I couldn't stop thinking about her makeup and headpiece until I went to bed. Yes, she is giving us sexy gothic nun in this off-the-runway Givenchy, but she also reminds me of a playing card, like something out of Alice in WonderlandAccording to her makeup artist, the look was actually inspired by the occult. Dark! I love it!

Now, she was a late arrival and didn't get much coverage, but I want to give a shoutout to Evan Rachel Wood, who looks like a Phoenix rising in this absolutely bonkers beautiful sequins-into-feathers gold cape from Altuzarra (her go-to designer). Her simple, fresh makeup and sleek hair lets the outfit do the talking, and she kept up her usual theme of wearing pants on the red carpet, which I really dig. 

And finally, I will leave you with Rihanna—one of the night's hosts—who arrived looking exactly as extra as I would have hoped. Megan commented that the look was a little too "on the nose" and she might be right, but still

The look is Maison Margiela designed by John Galliano, and boy is it a lewk! The detailing is something I would kill to see up close, and I can only imagine how heavy that coat and skirt must have been. The Stephen Jones bishop's hat (which most of us would agree makes her look more like the pope) is of course the piece de resistance, and pushed her heavenly body into perfectly over-the-top territory. 

I'll say it again: This is fun! This is daring and costume-y and complicated and slightly insane and all I would ever hope for from the one night a year when celebrities and designers should come together and put some of the fantasy back into red carpet fashion.

Image credits: Vogue, GQ, PopSugar, The New York Times