Friday, April 6, 2018


And you can have your space... Cowboy

Not since Carly Rae Jepson dropped E.Mo.Tion have I felt this many types of ways about an entire album from beginning to end. Since it came out one week ago, I have listened to Kacey Musgraves' third album, Golden Hour, at least a dozen times. This album is getting great reviews around the interwebs, and perhaps most especially from all the people I follow on Twitter, which gives me comfort because, well, I am not a "country fan" and most of my "people" aren't really either.

Before I heard "Space Cowboy," Kacey Musgraves was in my head as a modern female country singer that I had no interest in knowing more about. On the whole, I don't love modern country music, or so I thought. And I'll admit, I had a certain pride point in labeling myself as someone who was too cool for country music—unless it was vintage and classic, like Johnny Cash, John Prine or Bonnie Raitt. But back in September I wrote a whole post about Midland, a new country band with an old school sound, whose entire album, On The Rocks, I am also obsessed with.

So anyway, I've gotten off my "High Horse," (sorry, it was too perfect) and am willing to just be real and say hey, I do like some country music, a lot of it in fact, so here we are. Me, Kacey and now hopefully, you. This album is pleasing from beginning to end, and while it does have a lot of country roots, the songs vary from heavy pop to disco, slow ballads and psychedelic wanderings. The lyrics are modern, sassy and smart, and damn if they don't get stuck in your head. I've been walking around for days singing to myself, "Baby I ain't WonderWoman / I don't know how to lasso the truth outta you / Don't you know I'm only human?"

While I think people are going to keep talking and raving and tweeting about this album throughout the spring, and I think it's going to be on repeat for me into the summer too, I still don't see a #SongOfSummer in it. And that's okay. But I need you to listen to this album all weekend so we can be on the same wavelength, which is: If we can't see or feel spring yet, at least we can listen to it. Golden Hour is warm with a chilly breeze, sunny, crisp and blooming with color—but not the hot, sizzling fire of summer. Does that makes sense? Maybe I should be done now. Listen below please, now.


Image credit: NPR


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