Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Oh hooray, we've finally come to that stage of the holiday gift guide content flow when I get to wax consumerist about all the things I want this year. What's the point of making a gift guide for myself, you ask? Well I'll tell you! I am not that special. There are many women (and perhaps some men too? I don't know!) who have the same sort of taste. These people like looking good during their winter sports, enjoy bathrobes and already own too many pairs of sunglasses but cannot be satiated.

If this sounds like somebody you know and need to find a gift or two for, you have come to the right place. I've gathered some of my favorite things that are currently circulating in my online shopping carts and those slightly obvious emails I've been sending to my mom. 

This guide may also serve double-duty as holiday shopping inspiration for yourself, and I am not here to judge. Because if I told you that this J. Crew sweater and LL Bean robe weren't already in my digital shopping carts—I'd be lying! Also, nothing makes me feel more #30something than the fact that a tea kettle has made it onto my "most wanted" list.

  • Sweaty Betty base layer top and leggings, $105 each: Every season Sweaty Betty puts out one or two sets of really, really chic base layers for skiing. I missed the boat last year, and have vowed that I must have winter 2017's matching set in a very cool color combo of navy and burgundy. This is perhaps my favorite item on this gift guide, and I hope it's under the tree for little ol' me come Christmas!
  • L.L. Bean terry cloth bath robe, $79: Anyone who knows me knows that #robelife is really important to me. Hotel robes are one of my favorite parts of traveling, and I don't see why I shouldn't have that kind of luxury experience every single day in my New York apartment. This terry cloth robe from LL Bean is classic and affordable, full stop. What more could you honestly want?
  • Threshold bar cart, $120: Okay so I understand that a large bar cart is not exactly a practical gift for everyone, but this gift guide is mostly about me so lets just roll with it. If you live with or nearby the person you're shopping for, and they happen to be going through a decorating phase, this relatively affordable gold bar cart from Target makes for a really special and useful gift, I think!
  • Herbivore Botanicals Coconut set, $42: Baths are like, really trendy right now. And while I personally do not have a tub in my new apartment, many of my peers do. Treat said woman to a deluxe and tropical-scented excuse to spend an entire afternoon luxuriating at home. (Just imagine taking this coconut bath, lathering yourself in oil and then putting on the LL Bean robe!)
  • The Gourmand's Way by Justin Spring, $19: I was absolutely enraptured by My Life In France when I read it a few years ago, and this book sounds like an extension of that vibe, with stories of six chefs living and working Paris, becoming, as they say, gourmands.
  • Sargent's Women by Donna M. Lucey, $18: I've always been sucker for impressionist art, but I never really take the time to read more about the artists and eras that created some of my favorite works. I love John Singer Sargent, and think any avid reader with an interest in the creative would enjoy this book. Let's all read it!
  • Parachute Home waffle bath and hand towels, $29 - $49: Okay so I'm really just rolling with this whole homebody, bath and luxury theme—towels! What an unsexy gift, eh? Well, maybe not. Fresh new towels are luxurious, and gifting a nice new set from a prestige DTC brand like Parachute Home is actually super thoughtful and cool, so whoever you give them to will always think about you when they're naked!
  • Zero Gravity iPhone 7/8 case, $35: First of all, I wish that Zero Gravity made this case for the iPhone 6, but whatever. If you've got a friend, coworker, secret santa that has a fancy new-ish phone, this case is a so money. Yes, it's kind of a Gucci knockoff but honestly, I do not care.
  • Adam Selman x Le Specs Lolita sunglasses, $119: These sunglasses are just so Bella Hadid, no? They're what my mom would call "a lot of look," and maybe even hard to pull off in real life. However, I have dreams of wearing crisp white sunnies throughout my snowy vacation in Sun Valley—and these would really do the trick.
  • Martha Stewart heirloom copper tea kettle, $50: Unlike most of your pots and pans, your tea kettle is probably something that stays out and on display all the time right? So it stands to reason that having a good-looking kettle makes sense. My roommate has also gotten me way back into my tea habit lately, so the cost-per-use of this would be pennies by the time spring rolls around.
  • Madewell's zip-top Transport tote, $188: This is the priciest item on my guide, but hear me out. I've had the classic Transport tote in brown for about three years now—and carry it every single day. I love it. The cost per wear is way, way low. So, the zip-top version ($20 more) would be a perfect upgrade for anyone who travels or needs a new work bag, since being able to close the top completely for under-seat stowing and subway travel is key. (And from first-hand experience, I know it fits a laptop!)
  • Dove Refresh + Care volumizing dry shampoo, $5: Dry shampoo? In a gift guide? Yes! I love this stuff so much and would honestly be delighted to find a couple cans stuffed in my stocking. Just saying.
  • Sur La Table croissant ornament, $11: Not going to lie, I'd leave it on display somewhere all year long. #croissantlife
  • J. Crew fair isle cable knit sweater, $118: I realize that many ladies you might be shopping for are perhaps not destined to spend their holiday break at at ski resort, but I am, so here we are. I always love J. Crew's sweater offerings this time of year, and I need these Norwegian vibes in my liiiiiiiife. (Also everything is 40% off from J. Crew right now so go for it!)
  • UncommonGoods ice ball makers, $20: If you know me, or have seen my profile on Bumble (what up, dudes!) you'll know I love to consume and make Old Fashioneds. It seems only right that I have fancy gigantic ice balls to serve them with, right?