Thursday, December 21, 2017


{ This photo is a favorite from my trip last year—we need snow this year, badly! }

Greetings from Idaho! I've been back home relaxing for a couple of days now, and I can already feel myself loosening up, unwinding and getting my ski legs back. I feel so lucky that I get to come out here for a few weeks this time of year and live what is essentially—a completely different life from what I've got going on in New York. I have to say, it feels really good. I spend less time on Twitter, less time scrolling through Instagram and more time looking out the window praying for snow! (We really need more out here!)

While I was traveling out West (Hello, 10 hour journey), I jotted down a few of the things that were top of mind before I skipped town. From podcasts to binge-able shows and a little bit of shopping, here are some hot topics and entertainment ideas to keep you in the know and slightly less on-edge when you're traveling wherever the holidays bring you this year.

Rewatching 'Lovesick' on Netflix:
Sometime in 2016, Netflix's algorithm suggested that I would like a show called Scrotal Recall. I scoffed at the name and moved on. What a miss, Netflix! I thought to myself. Well a few weeks or months later, they re-titled the show Lovesick, and again it appeared in my carousel of recommendations. You guys. I cannot stress enough how absolutely lovely and hilarious and pull-at-your-heartstrings this show is. After seeing it the first time last year, I recently rewatched both seasons over the course of a lazy weekend, and feel compelled to sing it's praises. If you have enjoyed any of the following: CatastropheYoungerYou're The Worst or the early seasons of New Girl, you will love this show. Also, you'll finish it in like two days. The first two seasons are short and sweet and also a little sad—so prepare your holiday heart and dive right in. The best news? Season three will be on Netflix January 1!

Listening to The High Low podcast:
If you aren't yet, prepared to become slightly obsessed with journalist Pandora Sykes. (Follow her on Instagram for some seriously glam pregnancy looks like this.) She hosts a delightfully British podcast with Dolly Alderton that covers everything from politics and current events to recommended reading and stories from their personal lives. Their accents are so aurally pleasing I'd listen to them read the phonebook, but getting relevant information and commentary is nice, too.

Also, Tinder's podcast, DTR
So did you know that Tinder has a podcast? I didn't until about a week ago, and somehow I have already listened to every available episode and am dying for more. To be honest, the host's voice and cadence bother me from time to time, but not enough to overshadow how fun and relatable the content of each episode is. From dick pics to profile overhauls, spying on dates and discussing the pervasive use of 'Hey,' I have found nuggets of truth, humor and insight in every episode. 

This whole HQ Trivia thing: 
Let me just say right now that I have not yet downloaded or played HQ Trivia. Have you? It seems to be all anyone can talk about lately—it's been called (by the WSJ) the millennial's replacement for live TV. The Cut is currently wondering if it's inappropriate to play this game on a date! Myself?  I am fascinated by the concept, but I've yet to know a single friend who plays. Are we too old? Are we super out of touch? I'm not sure but I'm about five minutes away from giving it a whirl one of these nights. Stay tuned on that front.

Shopping for vintage Kilim rugs on Etsy and eBay:
I've sort of dropped little hints about it here and there, but I've been slowly decorating the East Village apartment I moved into in November over the past couple months. I still have a roommate, but I have a small little living room that's just for me, so filling it with furniture has been an exciting challenge. For a long time I really thought myself to have a unique taste level—but it turns out I just want everything my parents have. As such, I've been scouring the internet looking for deals on vintage Perisan and Kilim rugs. My favorite find thus var is this sort of affordable, sort of expensive Turkish Kilim from the 1940s. I'm obsessed, and thinking I might layer it with another fun find on Etsy—these authentic cowhides that work well as rugs. EBay has some great vintage rug finds too, but unfortunately I keep getting outbid, so my luck hasn't been great.

Shopping for many things from Grana:

Have you guys heard of Grana? It popped up as an Instagram ad for me a while ago, and when I went to check out their e-comm site, I loved what I saw! Their high-quality, affordable pieces are a lot like Everlane, but just slightly less basic. Grana is currently in the midst of their 'No Markup Sale,' so I went ahead and treated myself to a cashmere sweater and two silk tops—all for less than $100. Yeahhhh, you're gonna want to get on this before all the sizes sell out! You're welcome :)

Talking to people about that viral short story, 'Cat Person':
At this point I'm a little behind in bringing this up, but last week my social media circles could not stop talking about the short story in the New Yorker, called Cat Person. It's a relatable story about a college-age woman dealing with a "romance" of sorts with an older guy. The language is straightforward and witty, but not especially literary, which makes it all the more real. The message of the story, about sex, pleasure and the roles men and women play in relationships, has struck a nerve. I can't recommend it enough. Read it now and discuss with your high school friends over Hot Toddys during that week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. (Also, read a great response to the story from Man Repeller and an interview with the author in The New York Times.)

Okay that's all I've got for now!

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