Tuesday, November 28, 2017


{ This is my favorite cropped faux fur that I bought from Forever 21 last winter that I still wear all the time. }

Okay so I am about to tell you something you probably already know, which is that faux fur coats are very in at the moment. You know that, I know that. But I wanted to point your attention to a few of my favorites that you can buy right now—because there are a lot of good ones, and now (aka holiday season) is the best time to snag one for yourself. They make the perfect topper for holiday parties, but also when you go out in the freezing winter temps in your sweatpants to get a box of Kraft and a Gatorade. (Not that I ever do that...)

I am totally enamored with this one from Mango that's on the pricier end of the spectrum, but with it's below-the-knee length and dark chocolate color I feel like it would be so warm and so deluxe in my life. Also how good is this oversized pink faux fur from Forever21?

A ton of the jackets I called out below are leopard, because that's probably the biggest micro-trend within the faux fur trend at the moment. You can find them everywhere from ASOS to H&M, and now is the time. These statement-making pieces tend to sell out quickly online, so hop to it and wrap yourself in some faux fur goodness just in time for all the festive events on your calendar.

Photos by Bekka Palmer


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