Monday, October 16, 2017


Since I know the first step is always admitting you have a problem, let me say: I already know that I have an unhealthy obsession with small crossbody bags. They haunt my dreams and fill my online shopping carts. I get that for all intents and purposes—I’m good. However, I wear one of those beloved little bags for just about every occasion except heading to the office—brunch, date nights, errands, Upstate adventures... You name it, I've done it with a crossbody bag over my shoulder. I can't really seem to stop and I'm not sorry!

Naturally then, when I peeped this cherry red pouch from Loeffler Randall on eBay I was already a goner. But here's the good news: I found it for just $95 and with that coveted "New With Tags" label. Since I wear so many neutral and monochromatic outfits this time of year (and all the time, tbh), an accessory that packs a punch helps me shake things up.


Full disclosure: I definitely used to be rather timid about using eBay—the "billions of listings" thing is a little intimidating! However, the Buy It Now feature (used with 87% of listings) allows you to skip all the bidding stuff and—hot tip from me to you—80% of merchandise on eBay is new! I've always loved hunting for vintage art and accessories through eBay, but put it under your hat as great place to score great prices on fresh finds, too.

Okay so also, can I also just gush for a second about this coat? I snatched it up in September and have been patiently waiting to wear it. At $70 it's on the more expensive end for H&M, but I knew instantly the cost-per-wear would be worthwhile since I've got a trip to Maine coming up at the end of the month and one to Ireland in November! It was imperative that I be able to live my coziest, most Instagram-ready life in it. (Note that it keeps selling out online, but I've seen it in-store!)

Sherpa Coat Outfit 4.jpg

I love the way the bright red of this bag plays off of the beige-y hue of the jacket, and have lately realized that this is one of my favorite color combinations to wear. (See a similar outfit from last year, here for some inspiration!) If you, too, are looking to cozy up, I’ve rounded up some similar coats below... Or you can snag on one of the three I found on eBay! (Which are unfortunately double the original price since it's sold out.)


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Photos by Bekka Palmer

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