Monday, September 25, 2017


What could I say in this intro paragraph that you haven't already read somewhere else at this point? It's fall! Fall makes me want to shop! Fall is the best season for fashion! Fall fashion! And on and on—you know where I'm going with this. The end of September is creeping up, which means the most glorious month of the year is coming up: October. Layering with outerwear, hats, turtlenecks... Soon we will get to embrace that glorious stopover weather between hot soup streets and frozen turkey on the tundra.

If I'm being completely honest with you guys, I may not fulfill all of the fall fashion fantasies I'm envisioning here, but damn if I'm not going to try! And honestly, I encourage you to do the same. (Not everyone wants to wear a fisherman's cap, and I get it.)

The plaid blazer trend was all over NYFW this year, and I am so on board. It has infiltrated just about every retailer and every price point—which is good news for us. I love the one above from Mango especially ($119), but Zara has a great one too ($129), even Target ($35)! I want one with a sort of elongated fit but a nice lightweight fabric so I can throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans and still be comfortable in a non-office setting.

I have written often and profusely about my love of coats. I believe they have magical powers. Since I already have a camel coat that makes me feel like a million bucks (Club Monaco still has it in a pretty blush pink), if I were to invest in one this year, it would either be a basic grey or something off the wall—like red. This H&M coat is so chic but expensive for the brand ($129) , so do with that information what you will. Maje has a belted red coat that's 70 percent wool ($520), and if you're in the market for camel, aim to find a balance of wool percentage and price that you can live with—like LL Bean's 100 percent wool polo coat ($269) or this chic belted option from Whistles ($491) that's 70 percent wool.

Okay so now moving on to something I already own—this teddy biker jacket from H&M ($70). So far it's been way too hot to wear it in New York, but it's laying in wait for colder temperatures. It's almost sold out online, so I'd head into stores, where I've seen it en masse! They also have this version, but there are tons of other cool options like this long coat from Topshop ($180) and this really chic sherpa bomber from Madewell ($150). For some reason I'm just obsessed with how cozy these jackets look, and how good they will look with some of the below items, like a fisherman's cap and Levi's. Since this is a novelty item, I wouldn't fret so much over price and fabrication, by the way. Just pick up something affordable if the look appeals to you.

Ah, yes. To be fair there's hardly a season that a structured mini bag doesn't appeal to me, but like freshly sharpened pencils and a crisp stack of lined notebook paper, it feels particularly promising now. I'm kind of obsessed with the bag Blair Eadie (of Atlantic-Pacific) designed for FEED ($198), which comes in a few hugely wearable colors. But I'll also circle back to 324 New York, a brand I featured on the blog a while ago (hello, this bag!), and a new one I've seen cropping up on literally every fashion blog lately—The Daily Edited. Their Box Bag ($280) looks like miniature old school luggage, and their gold monogram option gives it a real "keep forever" feel.

Duh, right? Well I have been dancing around buying a pair of Levi's Skinny 501 jeans, but I can't quite get the fit right. I want them to look like Re/Done without the price tag, you feel me? So, I'm considering trying to find the look I want from another brand with a more flattering fit. Any ideas for me, by the way? I'm open-minded.

Now's the part where I have to announce myself as such a 'sheeple.' You know what I mean? (A person who just does what everyone else does, like a sheep.) Everyone and I mean literally every living person in New York City owns these Ray-Ban shades ($153). And you know what, that's okay with me. I want them, I need them, and I shall have them. In my defense, I have another motivation: I want a pair of metal frame sunglasses that will fit under hats this fall and winter, and so far only my classic aviators do the trick. I need some variety and I think these are the answer.

This trend isn't going anywhere and I still can't get enough of anything that looks like it's meant for the bedroom but can be worn outside. At this exact moment I have my laser focus pointed at these lush velvet mule slides from Madewell ($98) and no others. They're not for everyone nor are they very practical, but this is who I am and I've accepted it.

Guess what? I'm still on one about this fisherman hat trend. It's spread even more mainstream this fall, so you can wade into the interesting hat waters without much fear. There are tons of options out there, but I'd place fit and face-framing as top priorities. Mine is the Papou hat from Goorin Bros ($70) but here's a few more from Brixton ($42) and Zara ($22). And if you're feeling like this is just too much, try a beret! They are also everywhere on the blogs right now (even though its far too hot for wool hats right now just about everywhere). Cute, affordable options can be found from H&M ($13) and Amazon ($9) and for the truly whimsical, this one from Zara, covered in pearls ($23).

Another lingering trend from circa 2015 is the return of the turtleneck. Great as a layering piece or on it's own as a face-framing top—you need one. Or three. I definitely need at least three. I have a chunky knit men's sweater from Uniqlo, and now I want a cashmere version ($99), and a striped t-shirt weight turtleneck from Petit Bateau ($19) that will make a great still-French-feeling alternative to a boat neck mariniere top.

Sheesh. To be honest it was rather exhausting to write all of that down. Guess I better get to shopping? What's on the top of your list for fall?

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