Friday, July 21, 2017


It's time to shop for fall! Can you believe it? There I said it. I'm still living my most summery best life, but I do already (somewhat reluctantly) have my mind's eye on a few upcoming trends for next season. And so, it's Nordstrom to the rescue per usual.

I know it feels like it was just but a moment ago that I was waxing enthusiastic about a sale at Nordstrom. But there's a reason this is pretty much the only store I'd come out swinging for on this blog again and again, especially during sale season. Sale season can be a mess, and it can lead you down a path of irrational spending. 

But that's why the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is so genius—this sale is all about special mark downs on new fall items for a short period of time, rather than deep discounting summer stuff you won't wear in a few months. I remember my days of working the Anniversary Sale quite well, they're chaotic and fun in the store but man, aren't they just lovely online? No crowds, no one to bother you, just a bit of a flurry to make sure you click, click, click and get your sizes.

That said—there's no need to go complete insane. Personally, I would use this as an opportunity to splurge on the items you'll absolutely love—like comfortable, chic black sneakers (both Cole Haan and Nike) you'll reach for on the daily, a sophisticated boxy bag for work, and a black shift dress you can wear to literally anything.

Other than that, you'll have to decide if you want to be practical (this Clinique face lotion set is a steal and a gift from the heavens!) or perhaps a little whimsical (a silk scarf from J.Crew! A floral kimono!) A burgundy teddy bear coat will keep you cozy when the fall breezes blow and I cannot recommend the scent of Elizabeth and James Nirvana White enough—it is heaven!

There's a lot to pick through online, so I went ahead and selected 10 of my stand-out picks for you. The sale goes from Today, August 21 through August 6, but I'd shop now to ensure you get the sizes and colors you want! Good luck out there!


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