Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Holy moly can you believe it—I felt inspired to bring back the MWMM on a whim! I feel a little sad that I let it drop for so long, but I haven't been moved to share anything other than fully-formed playlists in a while! 

I cannot honestly promise that the music posts will continue with reliable regularity, but I do want to keep them coming. I've rounded up a little collection of songs that I think you guys will like, so the plan is to share them over the next few weeks—after all, what is summer without hot jams and cool tunes to play while you're road tripping, train-riding or just sitting in front of the AC drinking a Stiegl-rita. (If you aren't clued into what that is, the answer is buried in my Nashville guide!)

So without further ado, "8Teen" by Khalid. This whole album, American Teen, is honestly pretty great, but I had to call out this song in particular because it has such a sweet, nostalgic vibe that makes me want to sneak out of my parents basement, call my friends on my Nokia brick, and go for a joyride in my 1997 Ford Explorer until we find a kegger in park somewhere in the Seattle suburbs where I can make out with a boy that doesn't go to my school.

The lyrics make my high school association super-literal, but honestly? Oh well. This is a song you will want to dance to no matter how old you are or what you were like at 18—so give it a listen.

"I never fell in love, I saved those those feelings for you
So let's do all the stupid sh*t that young kids do"

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  1. I love Khalid! My favorite is "Hopeless" but this is a solid tune for sure!