Thursday, May 25, 2017


Okay so I guess I should come out and say right now that I am not spending the entirety of Memorial Day Weekend on Cape Cod. I'm heading up to Boston (on the bus, with this book) tomorrow to meet up with my best friend whom I haven't seen in absolutely ages because she lives in the middle of nowhere. (But in reality: Madison, WI.) Her sister is graduating from law school so it's looking to be an entirely celebratory weekend—just right for kicking off summer.

On Saturday, though, we're taking a ferry out to Provincetown so we can spend a day on Cape Cod exploring on bicycles and eating lobster rolls. I've been dying to experience the preppy, shouted-out by Vampire Weekend beach towns of Massachusetts since I moved to New York nearly seven years ago, so... Yeah, I'm pretty excited.

The weather forecast honestly looks mediocre—as it is every MDW, am I right?—but I'm still hoping I'll be able to flash some leg and don a straw hat. My weekend bag is full of red, white and blue mostly-preppy things because I can never resist leaning into a theme. A Breton strip top to layer over everything? Of course. Off-white cat-eye sunglasses that make me feel like a 50s Barbie? Check. Majorly preppy perforated white leather kicks? Yep.

I'm also packing my most favorite semi high-waisted jorts—the Levi's 501 cutoffs. They aren't all that preppy but then again neither am I so whatever. My white Birkenstocks are coming of course, and so is a very 90s one-piece swimsuit. (I told you, I'm dreaming big!)

Speaking of dreaming big—I am seriously considering splurging on these 'Dreamcatcher' earrings from Tuckernuck in either navy or white... What do you think? 

Anyway, whether or not you've got big travel plans for this weekend, I urge you to join me in willing the good weather with our outfits. Seersucker dresses, sandals and sunglasses for everyone! Oh, and if you're sticking around New York City, here's a ton of fun ideas for how to make the most of the long weekend.


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