Thursday, March 23, 2017


Could your tiny New York apartment use a little spring "sprucing?" Mine could. Have you been telling yourself that you're going to get a houseplant and raise it up like your own? Me, too. Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite design crush that will invite said sprucing and plant care-taking and make you feel like you're getting West Elm finds at Ikea prices.

It all started when I was having a down day. I decided buying some house plants from Home Depot would cheer me up, and I was right. I felt so thrilled at my newfound sense of responsibility and adult decor choices that I knew what I had to do next: Get my plants fancier places to grow. During a mid-afternoon work break, I spotted these Umbra hanging planters at Urban Outfitters. From there, I began scooting all over the internet looking for more from this intriguing brand.

Umbra is a Toronto-based design brand that mixes chic design with utilitarian purpose in their line of home accessories. Picture frames, mirrors, planters and tons of shelving—these are the kinds of decor accents that would appeal to  just about anyone and fit in nicely with most people's interior aesthetics.

I've never been particularly "girly" when it comes to my taste in interior design, and with obvious budget restrictions, it's important to me that what I buy is a strong mix of form and function. Umbra meets those needs—their shelves, frames, planters and other accents are useful, unisex and design-centric. I love this "Cubist" floating shelf, for example, that could serve a million purposes from a "nightstand" in a small space to a planter and book nook, or a place for your kitchen tools and iPad when you're cooking. And, as with most brands that pique my interest, it's affordable!

  • I'm sorry, are you honestly telling me you don't want a bath caddy ($39) with a spot to hold your elegant stemmed wine glass, your expensive French bar soap and your thrilling new YA novel? Please.
  • As I mentioned above, these hanging planters ($25 for a set of two) are so cool, and a great price, too.
  • This circular mirror ($160) would look good in literally anyone's home, and if I'm being biased, especially mine.
  • I have a lot of random books that aren't really doing anything cool in my room, and these floating shelves ($29 for a set of three) could give them some real style and purpose.

You can shop all of Umbra's products on their website, as well as smaller selections over on Amazon, Urban Outfitters and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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