Friday, February 24, 2017


Let's do a little imagination exercise. Pretend for a moment that you're not at your desk right now. You're barefoot, barely dressed and reclined on chaise with your body angled towards the warm sun. Beads of salt water are slowly evaporating off your skin. There's a rum drink sweating slightly in a festive glass on the table next to you, its little paper umbrella casting a small shadow over the best-selling paperback you bought at the airport. With the plush, dry terrycloth towel under your body and sunscreen reapplied, you reach for your earbuds and put them in. You press play, lie back and lower your sunglasses over your eyes. What do you hear?

That's the mindset I tried to put myself in as I created this playlist—most obviously because I am at this very moment on my way to the Bahamas with said best-selling paperback and plans to procure that rum drink as soon as possible—but also because we could all use a little auditory sunshine this time of year, right?

Oscillating between modern disco pop (The Knocks) and old school Pacific Ocean vibes (The Beach Boys), I wanted my Bahamas weekend soundtrack to feel like as much of an escape as the destination itself. I've got the requisite Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley jams too, mixed up with some Drake, St. Lucia and Miguel. And because this is the site of the iconic Mary-Kate and Ashley film Holiday in the Sun, "Island in the Sun" is obviously in there, too.

// Take a listen below, it'll basically be like you're on vacation with me, I promise //

Image credit: Newsweek


  1. Really love the playlist. I found some great new music like One Chick by Sondai, that song is just perfect for some nice weather on the way to the beach.

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