Monday, January 9, 2017


{ "Cowboy Cabin" up near Galena Lodge outside Sun Valley, ID }

Greetings from Sun Valley—I was supposed to be on a flight back to New York today but alas, the weather had other ideas. We are all but snowed in here, with more than a foot of snow coming down yesterday, and more on the way this week. Armed with firewood, wool socks and Wifi, we're hunkering down and getting cozy with our friends and neighbors—referred to in Denmark as hygge.

Hygge [hoo-guh]: a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality 
that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

This Danish "obsession" has become incredibly trendy over the past year, so with a very cold winter in full swing, now is the time to embrace it for yourself. Brew up some spiced wine, put on your flannel and invite your friends over to sit by the fire in their stocking feet. (Or in the case of our apartment in New York—the Fireplace For Your Home.)

Yesterday, for example, I went for a long snowshoe in the hills behind our house with a couple friends, and afterwards we sat around in our long johns by the fire playing Yahtzee and drinking tea while the snow fell outside. It was very hygge. This exact day would be hard to replicate in New York, but city sidewalks can easily stand in for snowy trails if you ask me!

{ Your hygge starter kit might include: The Year of Living DanishlyThe Nordic Theory of Everything, a crazy-cozy sweater from The Canadian Sweater Company or LL Bean, some long underwear from J. Crew, a mug from Le Creuset (for spiced wine), these intarsia wool CHUP socks, a fleece turtleneck from Uniqlo (for layering purposes), a faux fur throw, and if you're really adventurous, snowshoes and nordic skis! }

The most important part of embracing the hygge life is not to do it alone! Binging on Netflix and HBO Go in your bed is one thing, but making a Saturday afternoon spent inside into a communal event—preferably with hot cocktails—is the Scandinavian way. Go forth and hygge—winter is here!

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