Thursday, January 5, 2017


{ Olivia Palermo in a Tibi faux fur coat }

Every now and then I make a purchase that pleases me so thoroughly that I cannot stop talking about it. God forbid someone compliments me on public—then it's really over. Most recently, before departing for the holidays, I was in the mood for an inexpensive coat I could run around in all winter (date nights, "going out," holiday parties, etc) without too much anxiety over ruining or losing it. Naturally, I drifted over to Forever 21 online—which is where I spotted this cropped faux fur jacket.

I liked the look of the jacket enough to walk to my local F21 and see if it was available. Sure enough it was front and center when I walked in the door, and available in my size. As soon as my fingers grazed the caramel-colored fibers, I knew I wasn't leaving the store without this jacket. It is, without a doubt, the softest faux fur I have ever encountered, and looks far more expensive than it is. At just $52, I hadn't felt so vindicated in a retail purchase in months.

Next came the part when I started wearing the jacket around town—to the aforementioned holiday parties, to run errands, to promote Style Girlfriend gift guides on Snapchat while sitting in my apartment. The compliments started rolling in; people couldn't stop running their hands up and down my arms and caressing my back—it was perhaps the best I'd felt and basically the most action I'd seen in all of 2016.

So here's my point: Whether you're starting off 2017 single AF and desperate to feel the human touch or just looking for a way to make your winter wardrobe a bit more cozy, I can't recommend a faux fur coat enough, especially of the cropped variety. I'm obsessed with this eggplant-hued version from Topshop, and I love how this Free People coat looks kind of like the textured version of a Pendleton blanket.

Below, shop a ton of faux fur coats that range in price from a little over $50 to almost $500—there's something for everyone. 

1. Faux fur isn't always that warm. Try wearing a denim jacket underneath (with the collar popped) and a bandana around your neck.

2. Faux fur is not weather resistant like real fur. Don't wear it in the rain and snow unless you want to be damp all day.

3. Faux is supposed to be fun! Try unusual colors (like lavender and olive green), bold prints and even graphic patterns that will give your all-black winter wardrobe a serious boost.

4. You can dress these coats way up and way down—throw it on over a silky pajama top and jeans for brunch or a velvet dress and ankle boots on date night.

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