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I know what you're thinking. "Taylor just made this guide so that everyone in her life knows exactly what she wants for Christmas this year." While that's partly true (Hi, Santa!), I also just happen to know that many of you have a hard time shopping for your most stylish friends and family.

What I tried to curate below is a mix of fashion-y gifts but also gifts that can make every part of your life more stylish—from traveling over the holidays to decorating your home. There are pajamas and picture frames, cool leather handbags and oodles of cashmere.

Never mind me, I'll just be over here printing this out and mailing it to the North Pole...

Cuyana is one of those awesome, under-the-radar brands that, once you hear about it, you become a little obsessed. Their bag collection is small and well-edited, unfussy and classy as all get-out. I've been jaunting around the East Coast with their canvas weekend bag all year and love how sturdy and roomy it is, but this holiday season my eye is on something smaller.

Cuyana's mini saddle bag is petite and practical, and just so gift-y. I'm obsessed with bags this size because they're perfect for date nights and going out to dinner as well as bopping around town during daylight hours. Personally, I'm all-in for the scarlet color—there's just something so glamorous and a little bit special about a red bag. However, it also comes in classic black leather and soft grey suede if the woman you're shopping for leans a bit more subtle with her accessories.

Shop more of my favorite red handbags below:

I have a thing for sunglasses. I've tried many brands and gone through a lot of different frame phases. Year after year, though, there's one brand and one style that I always come back to: The Ray-Ban Wayfarer. This is the part where you shout "Duh!" at your computer screen, because everyone knows that the Wayfarer frame is one of the most enduring and universally flattering style of sunglasses on the planet. So what makes them stylish and gift-y in 2016? An oversized frame and the ability to completely customize every aspect from the lens color to the case, engraving and more.

I recently customized a pair of (admittedly sort of boring) tortoise frame Wayfarers, but I upgraded from the standard 50mm width to the 54mm size—which still sits properly on my nose but has a slightly more glamorous, almost cat eye look. I also had my initials engraved on the temples. Though if you want to go with a standard, non-customized pair (slightly more affordable at $150), both the 'Wayfarer XL and "Outsiders" versions from Nordstrom and Shopbop, respectively, have the oversized, 54mm lens.

Something (or anything) from Everlane, $15 to $350.
I've been obsessed with Everlane for some time now, and they have a nice range of prices that makes their shop ideal for gifts, especially for the stylish women on your list this year. Depending on who you're looking for, a $15 T-shirt might not do the trick, but a $58 cashmere beanie or a pretty, semi-sexy but mostly just comfy silk sleep set for just $78? I could go on. But if you're a little unsure and looking for a crowd pleaser—their cashmere crewneck sweaters are just $100! That means you can give a seriously luxe gift for a pretty reasonable price, and it comes in eight colors. (I'm weirdly obsessed with the pink!)

Shop more of my Everlane favorites below:

Explore their whole store for men and women here.

Those of you who read a lot of blogs or are pretty social media savvy have probably heard of Away travel. (It's the Everlane / Warby Parker / Glossier of luggage.) Their TSA-approved carry-on luggage has become the travel bag of choice among the influencer set, and honestly, with good reason! The bag is ultra strong and really good-looking, plus it has a built-in battery and two USB ports under the handle so you can keep your devices powered up while you wait in those endless holiday travel lines.

I put this bag on my fashionable gift guide because as a person who considers themselves "stylish," one of the times I feel least so, no matter what I wear, is at the airport. I have a great tote and a nice large suitcase for long trips, but when I travel for just a few days I'm stuck lugging a heavy weekend bag over my shoulder, which should really only be used for train and auto travel, if I'm being particular—which I am. A bag like this will make any woman (or man, duh!) feel like a sophisticated, coordinated jet-set pro. Plus, it comes in seven colors. (And they have three other bag sizes, btw.)

*Shop with this link and you'll save $20 on your purchase!*

A piece of personalized jewelry, about $50 and up.
Personal jewelry is something I happen to love for myself, but it's also one of those things that makes for a timeless, heirloom-level gift. Prices for personalized and monogrammed jewelry really run the gamut. For example, you can get a 14K gold plated signet ring from BaubleBar for $62, or a sterling silver roman numeral pendant (perfect for sentimental dates) from Mark and Graham for $248. I also happen to love the customizable "code" collection from Lulu Frost, which can run anywhere between $210 and $1000, and lets you create a secret message with gemstones. 

On the more accessible end of the spectrum, Lulu's numeral code earrings (the silver are just $75 each) and rings ($145 each) are seriously cool and not too pricey. My favorite of the bunch right now, however? Their fine zodiac collection crafted from solid 10kt gold—like this Scorpio ring. These kinds of pieces are perfect for that mix-and-match, wear as much as you want at one time look, and make for the kind of special jewelry she'll wear everyday. (And think of you, natch!)

Shop some of my favorite personal jewelry below:

Decadent, comfortable + stylish pajamas, $25 - $266

I've mentioned many times on the blog how much I love pajamas, and how much I enjoy wearing them both in and out of the bedroom. Pair a silky button-up top with jeans and you've got an unexpected happy hour look. Layer a robe over a dress and... Well, it kind of looks like a fancy boudoir look, but I'm into it—put on ankle boot so people don't get confused.

Anyway, I also happen to think that pajamas make a great gift for friends, lovers and family. Your bestie would probably love Everlane's silk sleep set, while a good gift for a romantic partner might be Eberjey's ultra-soft lace-trimmed nightgown. (Or for dudes, a pair of fancy Sleepy Jones boxer shorts.) Personally, I'm having a real moment for all manner of silky sleepwear-meets-going-out-where—from glamorous Lady Mary-worthy robes from Natori to cute satin tops from Aerie.

Shop my favorite (and crazy-giftable) pajamas and robes below:

A custom framed Instagram photo from Framebridge, $39.
I realize I may be slightly biased here because I partnered with Framebridge here on the blog a couple of years ago, having two gigantic Matisse prints framed for my bedroom. However, I'm still such a huge fan of their business model—everything from the affordable pricing to customization options and how easy it is to get your artwork to them—I couldn't resist giving them another shoutout. There's simply no one else out there making custom framing as affordable as it is stylish.

A framed Instagram photo is a fun and thoughtful gift, and proof that you understand that style lives outside the closet, too. Framebridge makes the process super easy, and they have a huge selection of classy, cool frames that are all the same price. My personal favorites? Brentwood and Mandalay.

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