Thursday, November 10, 2016


This post was set to go live on Wednesday, November 9th. I had assumed we'd elect Hillary Clinton as our president, and sending out a note to my little community of readers about how they could enjoy the fall weather would be a welcome sparkle of joy after a triumphant night. Yesterday was such a historically divisive day, and a sad one for most of you, I imagine. It was sad for me. It didn't feel at all appropriate to post content that had no context within the results of the election and the mood of the nation. It was too important to read, to think, to cry a little and to engage in conversations about what comes next.

A day later, I don't feel much different. I'm more alert and engaged in my work, but in the back of my mind, I still feel weighty emotions, and I feel tired. Today I signed a petition to try and stop Myron Ebell from heading up the EPA transition—he's a known sceptic of climate change, and that worries me. It's a small thing, but it's something. And I think that if I—someone who has rarely engaged in politics of any kind—can start taking small and soon bigger steps like this to take a stand against policy we disagree with, that's how we start to mobilize the changes we want to see.

Anyway, as Obama mentioned in his speech on November 9th, the sun will rise every day. That said, I think that self care and embracing the opportunities around you is still so, so important. Take some time this weekend to relax, to breath deeply and be still in a place that makes you happy. Take a walk. Make dinner for your friends. Buy yourself a bottle of wine that costs more than $15. We have a lot of work to do, but we also owe it to ourselves to find joy and feel happy whenever and wherever we can.

That said, here below are three things you can do in and around New York City this weekend. Give yourself some time off. Personally, I feel the most reenergized after I've spent time in nature. I like to fix my gaze into the distance and see trees and water and sky, not just our big ol' skyscrapers (as majestic as they are). Give yourself something good and positive this weekend, and let if fuel your fires for the challenges to come.

Meghan and I have both had the public gardens at Wave Hill on our bucket list for quite some time. So just this past Saturday, slightly bundled and bolstered with Stumptown coffee and croissants, we rode the 1 train from Christopher street to the very end—at 242nd street in The Bronx. Make no mistake, this is a long journey. You can take some of it express, but still expect to be riding the rails for at least 40 minutes. From that stop you can catch a free shuttle to the gardens, which saves you the trouble of getting a taxi or riding the public bus to Wave Hill. (You can find more travel tips here.)

Admission to the gardens is free if you arrive before noon, which we did (otherwise it's just $8). This is also a great way to avoid the (relatively small) crowds and get your scenic photos in without too much human interference. Right now the foliage is absolutely exploding both at Wave Hill and across the Hudson River—and those views are incredible. (See above!) Stroll the gardens, crunch some leaves and enjoy some seriously fresh air. The journey to get here is long for sure, but entirely worthwhile.

A few weeks ago, Meghan, Tully and I hopped in a rental car and drove upstate to do what all East Coast girls with Instagram accounts do—go apple picking. Truth be told we did not pick any apples, but we did buy fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts and consume them while we strolled around the orchard.

After we'd gotten our apple fix, we drove to Cold Spring, NY to grab a quick bite of lunch in town before heading back to the city. Let me tell you, I'm already dying to go back! Cold Spring is easily accessible by Metro North, and you can just hop right off the train and walk into town. The views of the Hudson Valley are so beautiful—the foliage, the water and the mountains are stunning. There are tons of hiking trails in the area, so most people you see walking around town are wearing leggings and carrying backpacks.

The happening lunch spot is Hudson Hil's, but if you can't get a table there, plenty of other cute restaurants line the main street. Spend the afternoon popping into shops and just walking around. Have a coffee along the river... It's just an incredibly pleasant and easy adventure you can organize at the last minute.

The Cloisters are another one of those things that every New York transplant has on their bucket list—and with good reason. This extension of The Met is one of the hidden gems of the city, and like Wave Hill, worth the long journey to get there. I went last fall with three friends, so we split the cost of Uber rides to and from the museum. However, you can take the A train all the way to 190th and then walk about 10 minutes, too.

Along with the oft-photographed cloister itself—containing pristine, lovely gardens and statues and fountains—the inside of the museum itself is rather incredible. Take your time roaming the medieval galleries and do yourself a favor and look up why there are so many unicorns in the artwork.

Like Wave Hill, the Cloisters offer beautiful views of the Hudson River, and give you plenty of reasons to just take a seat and spend some time breathing in the fresh air (can you sense a theme here?) and feeling the fleeting feeling of warm sunshine on your face.

Do you have any fall activity suggestions for me?


  1. "drove upstate to do what all East Coast girls with Instagram accounts do—go apple picking." HA! ACCURATE!

  2. Hi Taylor, I've read your blogs for years. I was home visiting my family and took your suggestion to visit Wave Hill and it did not disappoint. We all loved it and the views were gorgeous. We even took my dog and they normally don't allow dogs but they made an exception for us. Thanks for the rec!!