Tuesday, October 4, 2016


{ Candela Novembre, shot by Christian Vierig for Getty during Milan Fashion Week }

Hide your kids, hide your wife—in case you couldn't tell already, velvet has come to completely overtake your wardrobe. The utterly ubiquitous fabric has been steadily making its soft, shiney return from the 90s for a few seasons now, and has reached a fever pitch for Fall 2016. I don't know about you, but I'm on board 100 percent. 

A quick browse through any shop will show you that at this point, you can find a velvet version of anything you desire. A trendy pleated midi skirt in the prettiest pink? Hello, Topshop. (I'm obsessed with that, by the way.) An embroidered military jacket in my favorite shade of dark green? Don't mind if I do, Mango. My other current obsession, which I can't imagine will feel stylish more than a year from now? A pair of velvet joggers from Zara. At just $26, it's a worthy and tiny investment to live my most comfortable, sumptuous (yes, sumptuous!) fall fashion dreams. Just look at this outfit potential!

Zara, unsurprisingly, has the largest selection of trendy velvet offerings this season, and I'm totally drinking their kool-aid. I am sort of dying for this embroidered velvet bag, this slinky little camisole (that has a luxe counterpart from Tibi) and this crimson (perfect for the holidays) slip dress—all of which are under $50.

Just to give you a little history... Velvet's origins are believed to be in the Middle and Far East, though once it reached Venice through trade, it spread like wildfire through Europe as a prefered fabric of royalty and the upper class. The finest velvet is made from silk, though now you'll find most varieties (aka the affordable ones) are a blend of silk and rayon—more likely composed entirely of cotton, or a rayon and spandex blend which gives it stretch. Even though so many casual silhouettes are now available in velvet, the effect is still pretty luxe/glam—ensuring that you look like a classy broad even in joggers and a sweatshirt.


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