Friday, October 21, 2016


When I was five years old, my parents took me to Disneyland. Most of what I remember involves riding It's A Small World over and over and wearing a princess hat with one of those elastic chin straps. (Picture proof, right here.) I loved that hat so much it stayed in my dress up box for years, and that royal topper paved the way for a lifetime of obsession. (2.5 decades and counting.)

So here we are in 2016, and my love for "fashion hats" truly knows no bounds. Last year, I was strictly into wide brim hats, channeling my best Indiana Jones with just a dash of Carmen Sandiego. Then last spring when I popped into the Goorin Brothers store in Nolita, I fell for a new hat, one that didn't remind me of a fictional character from film and vintage computer games—but of a man who might really exist and has a grey beard and smokes a pipe on a dock somewhere.

This Greek fisherman's hat (above) has become my new favorite thing—especially since I saw Kendall Jenner wearing one recently. (You can find a similar style at a similar price point from Luisa Via Roma and Ralph Lauren has a chic white version.) It looks a little dangerously on-theme with the striped shirt, but becomes easily more everyday with an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and a pair of ankle boots.

I'll always be true to my wide brim wardrobe, too—current census data has me at about eight of those—so naturally I've got my eye on a few updates for this year. I love the look of a hat with a little more utility, which is why this caramel Brixton hat ($63) is at the top of my list. And if all of this election drama has you in the mood for something with a little bit of an ex-pat vibe, join me in having a beret moment, won't you? I'm here to assure you they're not as costume-y as you might think.

Anyway, since I have a hard time self-editing, I've rounded up 11 fun, stylish hats I'd like to add to my adult dress up box, otherwise known as my closet.


Photo by Amanda Boyce

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