Friday, September 16, 2016


To be honest, I can't quite trace back the exact origins of my love for menswear. I think part of it comes from that time I was brand new to New York (and social media was just starting to become what it is today) and I developed a digital crush on a menswear blogger. Perhaps it finally became serious when I was tasked with helming all the menswear content for my former employer, Lifestyle Mirror. I may have started singing it from the rooftops as soon as I started contributing regularly to Style Girlfriend.

Whatever the case may be, here I am and here are my favorite menswear pieces of the moment. I say "of the moment" because right now, I can't stop being selfish—dreaming of all the ways that menswear can work for me. You might know from previous stories that I'm already a devoted wearer of men's sweaters (best exemplified here), but I've added a few more finds to my straight-up-stollen-from-the-guys shopping list.

Curious what they are? Want to get in on this low key look with me? 
Then by all means, come thru!

THE WATCH: I recently wrote about my love for men's watches over on, and I'm still craving one for fall. I haven't worn a watch in ages, but am feeling a sort of collegiate, grown-up prep vibe this fall. That said, I think the perfect, subtly cool accessory to complete said vibe is a men's watch. Some of the coolest ones I've seen this season aren't so typical—colorful faces, nylon straps and cool-guy leather are just a few features catching my eye. I've recently become obsessed with the affordable (and currently under-the-radar) watch brand, Hypergrand, and below are a few more of my favorites from Nixon, Daniel Wellington and Timex. (Oh, and a Rolex? How did that get in there?)

THE COZY SWEATER: Did you know that especially in the case of designer women's clothing, you can often find the same products at a lower price in the men's department? It's true, and it's annoying. Over at J.Crew for example, you can get the women's "boyfriend" cashmere crewneck for $238, or you can just buy the same sweater from the men's section for $198. I just happen to love that slightly oversized, slouchy fit, and so I find myself shopping for knits from the men's department almost every season. Since I already have my everyday staple cashmere crews on lock (grey and black), I'm feeling the gap of some interesting colors, like burgundy, forest green and camel. I'm already picturing myself wearing these sweaters daily, with a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots and a great coat. Voila, a fall uniform. Shop a few of my picks below...

THE ULTRA-WASHED SHIRT: I can speak from experience when I say that buying just any old men's shirt and hoping that it fits in that perfectly just-a-little-oversized way is not a great idea. Some of them are way too slim in the "hips" (for obvious reasons) and some are too broad in the shoulders. I'd try on a few brands first to get the hang of the fit. (Uniqlo? Super slim. Brooks Brothers? More traditional.) The ideal shirt is soft enough that you'd feel as excited to wear it with a pair of skinny jeans to the office as you would wearing it to bed with your skivvies. While true, worn-and-loved softness really only comes after you've done your due diligence in washing and wearing a shirt to death, I think Bonobos' casual shirts are a great jumping-off point. Shop a few of my favorite men's shirting finds below...

THE WEEKEND BAG: Is it just me, or does a weekend bag just not need to be very feminine? I don't need florals, I don't need bells and whistles—I want something that looks cool. I love the clean and practical look of a lot of the men's weekend bags out there right now, as well as their rich—but chill—colors like deep blue, olive green and cranberry red. (See below!) If you can't spring for leather (I can't!), look for bags in durable canvas and nylon that are the perfect blend of polished prep and rugged good looks.

THE POCKET SQUARE: I'm sure I can't be the first girl to face this problem, but in all my bandana-wearing over the past couple of summers, I've become increasingly frustrated with their just-a-little-too-short size that makes it extremely uncomfortable to wrap them around your neck more than once. (They're often styled that way online and it looks awesome.) What's more, when you tie it only once, the tails feel too long. Please don't tell me I'm the only woman having serious struggles with this, because I know it's strange but a I also know that it's so specific that I can't be alone... Right? So, what to do? Enter, the pocket square! This dandy men's formalwear essential (usually sized about 13" to 16" square) is just the right size to tie jauntily around your neck for a quirky, stylish update to any autumn outfit, especially the ones that are a little bigger. (See also: tie it on your bag!) Below are a few of my favorites, including a $140 Gucci pocket square that seems like the easiest and most affordable way to infuse my wardrobe with their currently off-the-charts-covetable accessories. (How good is their signature color combo of navy, red, forest green and a hint of white?!)

Do you already shop the men's section? Tell me your secrets!

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  1. I love all of this. There's something so powerful about pulling off menswear better than the boys.