Tuesday, September 13, 2016


{ J.Crew x Drake's top and pants, $198 each }

You guys, I am writing this post to you in a rather breathless state. I have no idea how it took me so long to find out about J. Crew's capsule collaboration with British scarf-and-tie maker Drake's. Frankly, I'm a little upset about it. Given my propensity for fashion news and love for printed silk, I am unsure if I was in a coma or perhaps, more likely, really wrapped up in unpacking—given that I had moved apartments just says before the launch. Anywho, the voyage of discovery that brought me to this delightful collaboration between J.Crew and Drake's went something like this:

1. On Sunday the evening train home from Southhampton, Taylor sees an image of Jenna Lyons at the SS17 J.Crew presentation. She likes the look (perhaps even literally) but then forgets about it.
2. The Cut posts a story on Sunday night about how cool Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi look at the Altuzarra show. Taylor sees this post on Monday afternoon. The Cut notes that the duo is wearing mismatched sets from the Drakes x J. Crew collaboration. 
3. Taylor remembers that she used to put a lot of Drake's ties in her menswear posts for Lifestyle Mirror.
4. Taylor clicks on this link in the story, wondering what the heck is going on, exactly.
5. Taylor sees that said collaboration launched exactly one month ago and feels briefly insane.
6. Upon realizing the entire thing is not yet sold out, Taylor relaxes slightly and starts writing this post.

You can read all about the collaboration on J.Crew's very well-done blog, which I just did, with just the slightest bit of drool dangling from my parted lips. You see, I have a slight (but to be honest bordering on obsessive) love for pajama dressing right now. Did you read my extensive post on it back in March? Or maybe this one I wrote for About.com, also in March? Unlike other romantic fires that were very very flame emoji this spring, the torch I carry for this trend is still burning strong. There aren't enough kimonos, mules or silky pants in the world to quench my desires.

{ J. Crew x Drake's top and pants, $198 each }

As it turns out, there is no scenario in which my life can go on without owning this shirt. I want to wear it like the model above, as a layering piece over t-shirts and camisoles (date night talking piece, anyone?), and also on its own with a pair of re/done jeans and these Sam Edelman mules. And, tbh, I think I really, really want the pants too because who doesn't want a pair of slim-cut elastic waist pants in a really chic, bordering-on-royal unicorn print? This outfit reminds me of what Cersei Lannister might wear to bed if Game of Thrones was set in 2016. And if that doesn't feel like the ultimate party outfit inspiration for the upcoming fall, I don't know what does.

The collection includes a few more small pieces like scarves and ballet flats, but if you're anything like me, you'll agree that the interchangeable tops and pants are the real money-makers here.

Upon reading through this post, I realize it's crazed, scattered and quite passionate. Frankly, it sounds like the fever dream musings of a fashion editor with the flu. I'm okay with that.


Image credits: J.Crew

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