Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Right before this photo was taken, I asked Amanda (who took the photos in this post) if we should take a few shots without the DIY choker I had been wearing. I untied it then tossed it in my bag and she goes, "Whoa, you look so much more naked now for some reason!"

To me, that right there is what makes the off-the-shoulder trend so funny (but also pretty great). It looks normal in photos, but when you actually put on a shirt that shows this sort of surprising swath of skin, you become hyper-aware of just how much skin it is. The first time I put this MLM Label top on I instantly felt feminine and spring-y, but also—rather exposed.

However, any top that doesn't require killer cleavage or showing your midriff but does make you feel a little sexy? That's something I could get used to. Ahead, let's talk about the benefits of blouse-y, billowing oversized shirts that put your clavicle in high relief.


I wore this outfit the other day to grab a healthy-meets-decadent weekday lunch with Amanda at Cafe Henrie in the Lower East Side. Over avocado toast, poached eggs and some insanely good bacon, we discussed everything from work to weather and yes—the peaks and pitfalls of the off-the-shoulder top. I find that pieces like this—ones that feel very "notice me!" and also quite feminine and romantic—cause me to go the opposite direction with everything else I'm wearing. Case in point, I paired this one with skinny olive green pants and my sk8r boi leather Vans.

{ Hello, lover. }

You can get a glimpse of the aforementioned chocker above—it's just a piece of velvet ribbon I tied around my neck. A few months ago I became obsessed with the idea of wearing ribbons in my hair (last noted in this post) and have started to sport them as necklaces lately, too. This is the best $1 you can spend in the Garment District, and you heard it here first. (But if you're not very DIY, shop lots of pretty chokers right this way.)

I rank this off-the-shoulder top above others for a few reasons. As I mentioned above it's super-billowy which is nice, but I also love how dramatic the layered ruffles look. It feels like such a playful departure from just about every other shirt I own, which my wardrobe could really use right now. I also love this MLM Label top because, of the many off-the-shoulder tops and dresses I've tried on in recent months, this one does the best job of staying on my actual shoulders, rather than sliding back up into a very weird place around my neck any time I move my arms. (If you're looking for more off-the-shoulder tops though, I got you.)

As summer inches closer, I'm hoping to rock this top with everything from shorts to mini skirts, maybe even try tucking it in... I don't know, I don't want to get too crazy...


Photos by Amanda Boyce


  1. This top is so chic!


  2. Worked perfectly!!! since the weather is getting hotter I need new summer cloths! thank you!

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