Tuesday, April 5, 2016


{ Schott NYC jacket / H&M top (not online, similar) / Banana Republic skirt (old, love this one from Express) /
LOFT sunnies (old, similar) / Adidas Stan Smith sneakers }

Raise your hand if nothing in the world makes you happier than the mere fact that March is finally over! That month has always, always felt like a slog to me, a hodgepodge of weather with no purpose except to delay what we are all waiting for: The time when we can put our tights away and bring out our bare legs.  

I've always felt that my long-ish legs are my best feature, but I will admit that at 30, I wonder just how short is really appropriate these days. This is far-and-away the shortest skirt I currently own, and unless I've grounded it with a more conservative top and some flats or sneakers, I feel almost scandalous wearing it!

Nevertheless, when bare legs season arrives I'm greeted with a renewed sense of optimism about all kinds of things from body confidence to work and even dating.

What's that? You didn't think I'd seize this moment to relate yet another personal style post to my dating life? Come on, now.


Okay so promise not to judge me, but I picked up my first "self help" book last month at the recommendation of a friend. It's called Meeting Your Half-Orange, and it's all about adopting a mindset of dating optimism. (I said don't judge!) I normally shy away from this kind of stuff, but I figure if I feel comfortable dishing out dating advice, I should probably be willing to take some, right?

I'm taking some things from the book and leaving others, but on the whole I think it's just a nice reminder that the best way to meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is to be someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I've always been optimistic by nature, but if you'd been with my on the first dates I went on last month, you might need a pep talk in the form of a book, too.

I went on a first date in January where all the lead-up texting pointed to a great night ahead. He was enthusiastic, charming and funny. I knew as soon as we met in person it probably wasn't a match (chemistry is a funny thing, isn't it?) but still I was determined to hang in there and see if things turned around. When he inquired about my career and I told him that I was a contributing writer for Teen Vogue, among other clients, he let out one of those judge-y half-laugh-half-snort sounds that ever mean girl at your middle school used to great effect when you did something she deemed immature, like wearing a sports bra under your polo shirt. I left feeling disheartened and reminded (once again) that good texting does not a good person make.

After another first date in February that went exceedingly better than the one before, in my estimation at least, I sent a follow-up text the next day to say thank you again for the drinks. I added something extra, mentioning how I had a refreshingly good time. He responded with a curt, "Likewise."

Let me tell you, nothing burns quite like a "likewise" followed by radio silence, my friends. 

And how about the first date I went on in March? I'll just say it was a lot like my feelings about the month of March itself: Mediocre, mostly cold, occasionally bright, lacking a sense of style and generally forgettable.

BUT. Here we are, it's April! Legs are out, tights are in storage and the sun doesn't set until after 7 p.m. I'm choosing to believe that things can and will only go up from here—temperatures, number of dates before ghosting... All of it!

When I put on a mini skirt and head off to wherever I'm going, I will admit there's a bit of a spring in my step. I feel a little more confident, a little more excited about life, and maybe even a little more optimistic. Perhaps Mini Skirt Taylor is someone that someone else will want to spend some quality time with in 2016. (I'm an optimist, not a fantasy writer...)


FYI: Shopbop is having their annual Friends & Family sale right now, through April 7th. Use the code INTHEFAM to take 25% off your entire purchase! I went ahead and invested in a choker from Jules Smith I've been crushing on forever, and a pretty lace dress from Little White Lies I can't wait to wear once spring decides to come back again.


  1. Love love love your optimism (about fashion + dating, ha)! This look is perfect - now we just need NYC weather to cooperate with us!

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