Tuesday, March 8, 2016


{ Joe Fresh sweater (old, new season) / J Brand jeans (old, better) / Johnston & Murphy oxfords (c/o, love these) / Rachael Ruddick bag / Celine sunglasses }

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you I'm not the girliest dresser around. I favor pants over dresses on a daily basis and would happily burn (most of) my heels and live forever in flats and sneakers. Not to mention my gravitation towards a grounded color palette of black, white, navy and grey.

I'm quite content with my personal sense of style at this point in my life, I think I have it pretty much figured out. But using your age as a crutch or an excuse not to try something new or a little outside your comfort zone is lame, so every now and then I like to shake things up just to make sure I'm not missing anything great.

As it turns out, I think I've been missing out on something I never would have dreamed that my mostly-black wardrobe was missing...


Pink!? Quick question: Have you guys ever seen me wear pink on this blog? I don't think you have. Like I said, this color is so far outside my wheelhouse! And yet. I snagged this Joe Fresh sweater last winter on a whim and really love it (and they have a similar version this season). I get a fair few compliments whenever I wear it, which perhaps says something about the parade of black, navy and grey I usually wear... (Shop a variety of pink sweaters here.)

Now that I have three piercings in each ear (there's a little video of my 6th piercing on Instagram), I've really started to step up my dainty earring game. On a trip to Philly last summer, I found the above pave stick earrings in a darling shop on North 3rd Street. (You can find an identical pair from Tai here and shop more dainty post earrings here). I've worn them almost daily since, and over Christmas, my parents gave me similarly sparkly and tiny horseshoe earrings (also from Tai) for good luck in 2016. I love the mix and can't wait to add a few more little charms to my collection...

Shortly after styling this segment for the TODAY show in February, I became obsessed with the desire to start wearing ribbons in my hair. Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam does this all the time and looks darling, but she has a far girlier sense of style than myself. However, for the sake of embracing that whole "not becoming to stuck in my ways now that I'm 30" thing, I decided to lean into my innate femininity, embrace my inner girly girl and wear my hair bow and a pink sweater at the same time. The change up—small as it was—felt nice!


Photos by Amanda Boyce


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