Tuesday, March 1, 2016


There's this thing that happens after you see enough stylish, super-layered posts like this from Atlantic-Pacific that you become convinced that you, too, can wear approximately one thousand layers and not look even remotely like a sartorial marshmallow.

I gave it a try last weekend on an outing for brunch at Dudley's on the Lower East Side, with mixed results. I felt cool and frumpy at the same time, and at some points in the day a bit like Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story.

Nevertheless, I did make some strides in my ongoing search for the perfect pair of black skinny jeans and took my new favorite (and most tiniest) bucket back out for a spin so let's just go for it. 

It will be fun, I promise.


As I said, I have of late been on the hunt for a new pair of black skinny jeans. Finding them has proven to be as difficult as finding a second date in this town. And, as with men, I'm finding that I've become rather picky in my post-20s life. I know what I like, and I know it when I see it. Like Goldilocks and her porridge, the jeans I've been trying have all ended up too stretchy, too lint-y too something—and I can't be pleased. Mixing metaphors aside, I kept coming up short, even with brands I typically love. 

Then on a whim, I dug up a very old, too-long pair of straight leg J Brand jeans (when I bought them, they were "skinny" if you can believe that) and hacked off the bottom five inches. Apparently this renaissance is why these jeans never got thrown into a bag and taken to Buffalo Exchange. They're not the long, skinny black-as-night jeans my heart desires, but they are kind of fun and French in their kicky cropped length. For the moment, I'll take it.

*I refuse to believe that this is a sign that Mr. Right is actually somewhere in my past. The idea that somewhere in the romantic wreckage of my 20s the man of my dreams is waiting around for me to circle back and dig him out of the metaphorical bin under my bed? That's just insane. Right? Guys... Right??

Moving on... How cute is this little thing? I snagged this tiny Rachael Ruddick bucket bag on sale from Shopbop recently (it has since sold out there), and it's quickly fallen into heavy rotation. I love the simplicity and the on-trend tassels—it looks a lot like the unfussy designs of Mansur Gavriel, just shrunken. (Shop more bucket bags here.)

Denim and camel as a color combination is one of my favorites of all time. It has such a timeless, classic feel. I love how this combination looks in these photos, but if I'm being honest with you guys (and I love being honest with you guys) I wish this Gap denim jacket—as great as it is—was a little longer and a little less boxy. Goldilocks strikes again. But, if any of you out there in the world have a recommendation for a different fit (and perhaps not the sort-of outrageously priced $128 version from J. Crew) I am all ears.

Before I dip out, let's circle back to perpetual dissatisfaction one more time, shall we? Did you guys read this lovely article from The New York Times about female friendships? It makes some really interesting and heartfelt points, some of which give me a little bit of solace when considering how hard it can be find and maintain fulfilling romantic relationships in 2016. I highly recommend giving it a read when you have a spare few minutes this week.

Also, I have a fun little sale note for you! Our friends over at Shopbop are in the midst of their annual tiered sale—a great time to get together with your girlfriends, put Venmo to use and do a little group shopping. The benefits of this sale increase the more you spend, so if you're not looking to go crazy (though spring lines are in now, and looking amazing)—joining up with friends is an easy way for everyone to get a little deal! // Personally, I'm craving a new pair of distressed skinny jeans (I'm thinking white or eggshell for spring), and a cool pair of loafers—maybe even those trendy backless ones that seem impossible to walk in but look so cool. All you have to do is use the code 'BIGEVENT16' at checkout, and you've got from today until March 5th to shop!


*Disclosure: Shopbop is a partner of SHUT UP I LOVE THAT, and I'm grateful to all of you for supporting the posts and partnerships that make this blog possible.

Photos by Amanda Boyce