Monday, February 29, 2016


I haven't had much to say about the red carpet style so far this year, but couldn't resist jumping in with some opinions after the biggest night of all—The Oscars. As per usual, a lot of the fashion was super snoozey—from Brie Larson's really awkward Gucci to Chrissy Teigan's predictably pretty Marchesa. I was actually rather surprised and pleased with some of the dresses, and have further confirmed that I am a sucker for a good sequin.

I couldn't pick one single best dressed lady of the night, but I rank Rachel McAdam's slinky green situation and Margot Robbie's gold gown way, way up there. Also in an exciting twist, Alicia Vikander wore a very non-Disney dress to the Vanity Fair after party and really redeamed herself in my eyes.


BEST "ARE YOU GETTING THIS ANGLE?": Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier
When you're nominated for an Oscar and your super-hot America's Sweetheart ex-boyfriend who just recently had a baby with Eva Mendes is going to be there presenting—this is the dress you wear. And that is the look you give the cameras. Rachel McAdams looked so fire in this high-neck emerald green dress all I can really say is, "all the yes." I love that the front has a daring slit and the back has those elongated ties and a dramatic train—there's just so much to love. Her up-do is easy and unfussy and the dangling diamond earrings make for a pretty finishing touch. She may not have won, but I think we all know who "won," if you know what I mean. (Though you might "agree to disagree.")

COOLEST COOL GIRL: Margot Robbie in Tom Ford and a custom bag from The Row
I think I often end up articulating my red carpet thoughts in this way, but honestly, turn this dress into white or iridescent python and I'd wear it on my wedding day without question. This much gold could swallow a person whole, but Margot Robbie makes it look easy. Where it would have been easy to add a bold red lip and nails, she keeps everything icy and nude, which really adds some elegance to the ensemble. And I know that dangling tassel is objectively kind of weird, but I love it and I find the combination absolutely killer. My only fix? I'd put her hair in a slick low ponytail or chop off 3 inches.

PEAK ROONEY MARA: Rooney Mara in Givenchy Haute Couture
Is this the least surprising thing Rooney Mara has ever worn? Maybe. Has she worn a nearly identical dress recently? Kind of. Do I care? Not particularly. There are so few women in Hollywood with her look—dark, moody, gorgeously severe—that I really enjoy how readily she embraces her "look." She had the most killer eyebrows on the red carpet, and the most perfect glossy red lip, too. She looks like a high fashion vampire bride and I am into it.

Upon first glance, I didn't know how to feel about this mint green dress. The floral appliqués sort of threw me off, as did the heavy action around the shoulders. Ultimately, though, this is Cate Blanchett. She knows exactly what she's doing and she is wearing this dress. (I would argue that on most women, this dress would be wearing them.) Her hair is perfect, the fit is perfect and she consistently makes red carpet choices that other celebs wouldn't dare—this being one of them. I'm all the way on board.

BEST USE OF HER IRISH HERITAGE: Saoirse Ronan in custom Calvin Klein
So Brooklyn is high on my list of post-Oscar must-see movies, and as I understand it, the film has a lot to do with being Irish. Saoirse chose to honor her roots in this flawless sequined Calvin Klein gown and delightfully mismatched earrings. The cut of this dress is (again) so divine and elegant that I would request it in white and wear it to my rehearsal dinner. I love that her jewelry is minimal, her skin is glowing and her hair is really feminine and pretty without being overdone.

BEST AFTER PARTY REDEMPTION DRESS: Alicia Vikander in custom Louis Vuitton
We've all heard enough at this point about how Alicia Vikander's dress and hair for the Oscar ceremony itself was almost too much Belle (from Beauty & The Beast) to come across as stylish. I thought the top was pretty and the embroidery was also really special, but the ballooned hem at the bottom threw the whole thing off. But this. This is a dress. She looks so sensational in this simple black sequined column dress with long sleeves and a high slit that I don't really think I need to say much more. And her relaxed hair, too? She looks ready to party and enjoy her win. Speaking of things I probably don't need to say, #finditformeinwhite, someone? 

Who was your pick for best dressed?

Image credits: Getty Images / New York magazine


  1. I loved Saoirse in Calvin Klein. I might be biased since I just finished watching Brooklyn before the Oscars started, but I love it nonetheless. I thought Keira Knightly, excuse Daisy Ridley, looked pretty great as well. She was giving Rooney Mara a run for her hair money.