Thursday, January 21, 2016


Rumor has it that NYC could see more than six inches of snow this weekend, finally. We shouldn't be all that surprised because, you know, January—but since the end of last year was basically a suspended state of fall, it's cause to get a little excited. Personally, I love the snow, and that first day of the white stuff in New York—before all the slush and the dirt takes over—can be magical.

While it's yet to be seen if this storm will be the blockbuster Nor'Easter Al Roker claims it will, or just another flurry, I say it is always better to be prepared. You've gotta have your entertainment lined up, potential romances brewing and your most stylish snow outfits ready to go.


1. SCOUT YOUR NEAREST WALKABLE BAR: To avoid cabin fever and keep your spirits up, you'll need spirits—this is key. Once you've "accidentally" consumed all the wine meant to last the whole weekend by about 11 p.m. on Friday, you'll realize you need to venture out. If you don't already know it, figure out which of your local watering holes is most likely to be open in inclement weather. Do the owners live upstairs? Do the bartenders live nearby? Find out. (If you're in need of a winter coat update to brave the cold, these might help.)

2. GET YOUR APPS IN FIGHTING SHAPE: If the giant letdown that was Juno taught me anything last winter, it's that a storm is the perfect excuse to pour yourself half a bottle of Montepulciano and start six to eight new relationships via your phone. Before the snow even starts to fall you'll want to update your photos and add something in your "About Me" that mentions shotskis or snowball fights and nothing about 'Netflix and Chill' because you're better than that. 

3. CUE UP YOUR STREAMING DREAMS AHEAD OF TIME: To me there are few things more frustrating than settling down for a long winter's binge and having so much difficulty deciding what to choose that you end up re-watching episodes of Friends I've seen 45 times already. Plan ahead and pick out some shows and movies "You've totally been meaning to watch" and actually watch them. For what it's worth I'd recommend: Ex Machina (Amazon Prime), Pride & Prejudice (Netflix), You're The Worst (Hulu Plus), and perhaps revisiting House of Cards since the new season starts in March.

4. DIG OUT YOUR SNOW BOOTS: Yeah, mine are buried somewhere under my bed too. (And if I can't find them, I want these.) It's time to dust them off, lace 'em up and prepare for step five of the SUILT blizzard preparedness checklist. (Oh, and if you still need some, Shopbop has got you, as does Amazon Prime shipping.)

5. GO OUTSIDE AND HAVE SOME FUN. I know that your Roku is taunting you like, "Nah girl! Just get in bed for the next 12 hours and watch both seasons of Mozart in the Jungle today!" But if your hands and feet are warm and your hat is cute, there's no reason not to go out for a snow day walk, brunch, epic day-drinking marathon or an igloo-building date in Central Park. The first big snow of the year just happens to be falling on a weekend—make the most of it! Fresh snow makes New York at least 30 percent prettier and 60 percent quieter, the ideal combination for a stroll (and accompanying Instagram). 

Also note that if you were waiting for an excuse, now is a perfectly great time to invest in winter's coziest pants: the fleece-lined legging. Might I also recommend L.L. Bean cozy camp socks, an aggressive trapper hat (if not now, when?) and of course, an awesome intarsia sweater.


Image credit: Vogue

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