Wednesday, December 30, 2015


... And just like that, tomorrow is the last day of 2015. This has been quite a year for me, one that is sure to stick out as a bit of a turning point in my life in many ways. Through romantic highs and lows, job woes, traveling, health—all of it—the music of 2015 has provided the perfect soundtrack. 

This was arguably one of the best years for music in a while, perhaps most especially for Justin Bieber, Drake, Adele, Kygo and The Weeknd. Taylor Swift's 1989 carried over from it's 2014 release as well, and according to Spotify it was a huge year for pop music and something called "Indietronica" of which I apparently listened to a lot.

Thanks to Spotify's Year in Music feature, we can all see which songs, albums, genres and artists we listened to the most this year—guilty pleasures and all. While we didn't get that new Frank Ocean album that kept being whispered about, we got so many great songs this year. In the playlist below, I've highlighted a few of my favorite tracks of 2015, spanning folk, indie, pop and electronica, of course. It kicks of with "Hotline Bling," which is in the running for my absolute favorite song of the year—up there with every song from the MADE IN HEIGHTS and Years & Years albums. Take a listen below and have a moment for how great 2015 was, sonically and otherwise. 

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