Monday, December 14, 2015


{ A smattering of my favorite brooches: vintage and Lulu Frost }

Apparently I've been waiting most of my life for pins and brooches to make a comeback—but I didn't even know it. When I was a little girl, I used to collect pins from all the places we traveled as a family, and request that my parents bring a pin home to me every time they went somewhere without me. Needless to say, buried somewhere amongst my childhood things and heirlooms I've collected is a box of oooh, I don't know... 100 pins?!

While I don't have my collection of kitschy travel pins here in New York, I did manage to abscond from my parent's house in Seattle last month with a handful of vintage brooches belonging to my mom and other relatives. I've started sporting on everything from jackets to hats, sweaters and even as a necklace.

If you need further proof—beyond my nostalgic musings—that brooches are back, check out Olivia Palermo's holiday collection for BaubleBar, as well as this really darling post on Gal Meets Glam.


A word to the wise: Don't just go pinning with abandon on your nice coats. Do a test run in an inconspicuous spot like the bottom hem or a sleeve, to be sure the pin won't leave marks when you remove it. The slightly furry nature of my Club Monaco Daylina coat ensures I can blur out any little perfections that are left behind.

Exercise the same caution if you decide to add a little flair to a leather bag. (I pierced the handle where the stitching had already made a puncture.) I love this Madewell Transport tote so much, and I love that it can be sort of a blank canvas for whatever kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes I tie a scarf on the handle, too. The 'Good Vibes Only' pin is by PINTRILL, and you can find tons and tons of culturally relevant and emoji-rific pins on their site.

This brooch has my mother's initials engraved on the front, and the date of her high school graduation on the back. I found it in a jewelry box along with this gold chain, and immediately wanted to wear it. I looped the chain through the clasp of the pin and voila—now I never take it off. (The print the necklace is hanging on is Pablo Picasso's "Girl Before A Mirror.")

Now before you panic that I've pierced my precious lambskin Schott "Perfecto" jacket, take a deep breath. Neat trick: I just looped the back of the pin around the lapel the jacket and clasped it together again, letting it rest over the snap. The femininity of the butterfly adds a nice touch to such a bad ass jacket, don't you think? (You can do the same thing with a button hole if you're similarly cautious.)

The fun thing about pins and brooches is that they can be as simple or as statement-making as any other jewelry in your collection, and they're just as versatile. Why not wear a cluster of them instead of a big necklace with your holiday party dress this year? Or, string a couple on a chain for a totally personalized pendant necklace.

HOT TIP: Brooches also make a great gift! Scour your local vintage shop (or the widget below, naturally) and treat a lady in your life to a totally unique and special gift this year.