Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Believe it or not, this post almost didn't make it into the holiday rotation this year. I've posted fresh versions of "The Holiday Mix & Mingle" every year for a while now, using Grooveshark. Well, RIP to that service (they're now defunct) and sadly, RIP to my years of carefully cultivating and updating the playlist. Unfortunately some of its greatest hits, like the theme from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Robert Downey Jr.'s version of "River" from A Very Ally Christmas aren't available on Spotify.

Nevertheless, I decided that it would be cruel of me to leave you without a new playlist this season! I culled songs from my lists of both old and new school favorites, plus a few indie and folk songs that have a cozy, wintertime vibe. It's a long one—about 2 hours—so go ahead and let it play as you decorate the tree, overdose on spiked cider or you know, begrudgingly get through the work you have to do now that a true Christmas vacation isn't really a thing.

You can follow the playlist on Spotify here, or listen below! 

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