Thursday, November 12, 2015


Not too long ago, I wrote a post for Style Girlfriend about the many different kinds of baseball hats that guys can rock, the most egregious among them being something you might call a "dad hat." You know the one—no structure, usually cotton and bearing an embroidered logo of a polo player or a golf resort. To be clear, I don't object to a baseball hat on the whole, but there are some that work better on different people (and heads, I suppose). I appreciate the 5-panel, and tend to love a classic snapback for guys. But for whatever reason, I think the dad hat is the one that works best on me. You can't win 'em all, I suppose.

For those occasions when a baseball hat is right, I found the perfect one, courtesy of Baldwin Denim., and I did my best to "J. Crew it" with some dressier elements but maintain a sporty vibe.


Surprise, it's my favorite coat again! While I know it's not the most exciting thing on the Internet to see a girl wearing the same coat over and over, but here we are. In my actual life, I do wear the same thing over and over, especially coats. That's their purpose—to look good over everything. And that's why I feel just fine about showing off this Club Monaco gem again (and probably again, in the near future), because if I can illustrate how an investment piece really functions in the wardrobe of a gal on a budget—then I'm doing my job here :)

I don't know how much value it adds to share the following tidbit, but I will anyway. I'd heard about Baldwin Denim during my days as a denim blogger (guys, remember Eat, Sleep, Denim?) but I didn't catch onto these cool, minimal hats until I dated a guy from Kansas City, where the brand is based, who wore one all the time. The guy didn't last, but when I noticed that East Dane had a Baldwin "NY" cap, I snatched it up. It's a lasting memento of my love for this city, and an occasionally bittersweet reminder of a man from the Midwest who had great taste in hats but apparently, not good enough taste in women.

Hat or no hat, I love the look of an almost monochromatic outfit. White sneakers and white jeans (these are my favorites from Paige Denim) always look cool together (not only in the summer, contrary to popular belief), and the camel coat is, well, I've already told you what the camel coat is. You can shop some more gorgeous camel coat options here, and some of my favorite white sneakers here.


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