Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Today I'm setting off on what will amount to quite a whirlwind of travel. First, I've been invited to check out some chic boutique hotels in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., as well as some of the highlights of each city. I've visited both on several occasions and so excited to get to know each one a bit better this week. Then I'm off to Seattle to visit my family for a few days and say farewell to my childhood home. Between the planes, trains and hotels, I've got to be strategic about my packing and make sure to take care of myself at the same time.

THE TOTE: I usually travel with my trusty (and gigantic) Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote when I fly, but since I'll be taking the train this week and wanting to have an easy bag for daytime, I'm opting for my Madewell Transport tote. I've come to rely on this bag for just about every occasion, and can say with confidence it was the best $168 I've spent in a while. (Find the Madewell Transport and more chic totes right this way...)

THE TENNIES: Between Philadelphia and Washington D.C., my itinerary is packed with walking tours, museum visits and plenty of leisure time to explore. To save space, I'm packing one pair of cool Nike Air Max 'Thea' sneakers that I can wear to tour around and to get some exercise if I feel like it.

A LITTLE "NIP:" Before you begin to seriously question my sanity, hear me out. I'll be staying at three different hotels between Philly and D.C. in the next four days—by myself. I love the luxury of hotel rooms, and having lots of time to spend getting ready and donning a fluffy white robe. You know what else I like when I'm getting ready in a robe? A smart cocktail. Hence, I'm traveling with the makings for a classic Old Fashioned, including my favorite Four Roses Bourbon so I can fully luxuriate without tapping into the mini bar.

HAIR: I am completely addicted and fully reliant on Dove's Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo. Since I use it on the regular at home, it's a no-brainer to have it while I travel, especially for days with early breakfast appointments or when my hair needs a refresher between daytime adventures and a night on the town. And for the times when there's no hope at all? My fave NY baseball hat, of course.

SKIN & BEAUTY: I can be really neglectful of my skin when I travel, and shamefully, often find myself washing my face with the hotel bar soap. With a full eight days of planes, trains and automobiles ahead, I'm planning ahead and packing a travel-sized face wash and a mask to combat breakouts, as well as a new product I'm trying, Filorga Laboratoires 'Sleep Recover' anti-fatigue night balm, to keep me looking fresh when I'm feeling less-than. As far as beauty, I try to travel with as few products as possible, so I'll stick to mascara, a gel eyeliner, foundation, concealer and a to-go scent, which is currently my beloved Elizabeth and James 'Nirvana White.'

CREATURE COMFORTS: Four nights and three hotels and three trips by train means that I'm going to want to feel a little bit spoiled everywhere I land. So, I'm packing a pair of cozy cashmere sweatpants (mine are Loma London) as well as noise-reducing wireless headphones and the aforementioned "nip."


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