Thursday, October 22, 2015


As I mentioned in my personal style post from earlier this week, Amanda and Megan and I took advantage of the peak fall weather last weekend and took a little jaunt up the Hudson Valley. We started at Fishkill Farms for some apple picking (and cider drinking / donut eating) and then drove a little farther up to Minnewaska State Park Preserve for a hike. 

This ended up being an easy day trip that anyone can do, and I'd recommend going this weekend, while there are still apples dripping from the trees and gorgeous fall leaves shading every winding road.


{ How gorgeous are the orchards!? }

{ Is there anything more perfect in this world than a freshly baked, deliciously simple donut? We hit the farm store at Fishkill farms first, so we'd have snacks for the orchard.}

{ We wandered the orchards for a little over an hour, picking a variety of apples... And eating a few along the way, of course! }

{ Megan is wearing my fav plaid scarf from a few seasons ago and Knockaround shades}

{ A bag of apples this size will run you about $9 }

{ Amanda and I are wearing our dependable Ray-Ban shades, of course... }

{ The hike to Lake Minnewaska is only about a mile, and the loop around it is about 2 miles long. As you circle the lake, there are plenty of opportunities to get close to the shore or up high, both of which provide really scenic vistas.}

{ I never miss an opportunity to rock a bandana these days ... }

  • Get there early. We arrived at Fishkill Farms around 11 a.m., and were able to wander the orchards and score some perfect apples in relative peace. By the time we left, around 1:30 p.m., there was a line of cars waiting to get into the farm. My advice is to head up to the farm store to get donuts and cider before you get apples. The lines there were deep and slow-moving by the afternoon as well.
  • Same goes for Minnewaska State Park. Every lot leading to the main trail heads was full, and at 3 p.m. we had to park on the side of the highway and walk into the park (which is easy and totally fine, however). There were tour buses, hordes of people and few quiet moments.
  • Rent a car! Both of these locations are far from local train stops, so the easiest way to have a full and exactly-how-you-want-it day in the Hudson Valley is to take a car. We used Zipcar, but there are plenty of options available in the city. 

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