Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Imagine it with me: Each season you and I change over our closets and hang a choice 20 or so items that we can idly and easily scan through each day. It's so expertly curated that it takes practically no effort to put together a ***flawless outfit and walk out the door. 

Doesn't that sound nice? Doesn't it also sound like the Nancy Myers movie your life will never actually be? I think the reality of a capsule wardrobe is that it works better for most women as a foundation, rather than the only options. In truth, there are days when I'd be totally SOL without being able to reach for one of the 4 denim shirts I own (as opposed to one perfect one) or that random pair of jeans I've owned since 2006. Against the logic that a lot of editorial sources would argue, the filler pieces are what really save me sometimes.

Now let's imagine the happy medium. This is a closet that—while sure it contains a few frivolous things you don't need and some of those "just in case" dresses you're not totally in love with—is built around some truly versatile pieces that can mixed and matched over and over to suit just about any occasion this fall. Where would you begin? From the feet up? From the outer layers in?

Myself, I'd start with a long wool coat in a neutral color like black, navy, grey or camel. A well-cut coat really can make any outfit underneath it look purposeful and expensive. It's also worth noting that with coats especially, the quality is everything. Invest and indulge in one with timeless lines that you truly love, and it will pay you back when you reach for it year after year.

Then comes denim. Personally, I rely on Paige Denim jeans for a perfect fit for my body type, and have also recently discovered that I quite like Gap's 1969 collection. A skinny black pair (distressed is my jam right now) and a dark-to-mid-wash ankle jean would do the trick.

Also necessary? Shoes! I used to live for ballet flats and loafers, and part of me still loves them, really I do. But, I've come to the conclusion that while they're great, if I really had to be cutthroat, there are few occasions where I'd choose a flat when a white sneaker or heeled black bootie wouldn't work just as well. 

All that's left from there is to fill in a few extras that suit your taste and your body type. Sweaters that layer over and under, a slinky tank you can wear on dates with jeans and booties, a 70s-inspired mini skirt to wear with casual kicks and a bandana on the weekends. Add a dress or two that work with and without tights. A hat because, well, fall is nothing without a hat or five. I also feel like if you haven't gotten in on the trend yet, now is a great time to spring for a roomy bucket bag. Throw a printed scarf and a military jacket in the mix and you're really cooking with fire...

So perhaps this very editorial idea of "the capsule wardrobe" isn't exactly achievable or all that desirable in the end. (I can't afford to do laundry often enough in New York City to make it work—that's the honest truth.) However, I have noticed that in the last year or so, after streamlining my wardrobe down to an almost exclusively print-less array and investing in really good shoes, cashmere sweaters and jeans that fit like a dream—I really do feel better when I get dressed. Sometimes those killer pieces end up being worn with just-okay tops or a jacket that's starting to pill, but hell, it's a start.



  1. I completely agree with you-- the coat is the Fall/Winter wardrobe's MVP. Since it's what most of the world will see you wearing, its best to invest in a great one!


  2. Yeah its unrealistic especially because all of your pieces would have to be expensive/quality yet when you dont have any other options you have to wear them during occasions that call for throwaway/filler pieces that dont damage your real wardrobe or make you feel overdressed. Like grabbing a coffee and doing errands, if all you have is a "classic black pant" for bottoms thats not going to work.


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