Friday, September 18, 2015


{ You won't anything better today than Disclosure & Sam Smith cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling." }
Okay so Ariana Grande as a person is perhaps kind of the worst. However, when she does WHEEL OF MUSICAL IMPRESSIONS WITH JIMMY FALLON, I can't help but be like dammmnnnn she's got skills. Ugh. 
There's a great YouTube series where this guy attempts to prove how much modern society takes for granted the things that come so easily to us. Watch this one, where HE MAKES A SANDWICH AND IT TAKES SIX MONTHS AND COSTS $1500
I helped my pal Megan on her awesome FALL STYLE GUIDE FROM STYLE GIRLFRIEND so you best get yourself over there and download it now and get some hot menswear tips. Right now! 
Making the top of my "What the hell?" list this week is THE LEAGUE ACTOR STEVE RANNAZZISI'S FALSE ACCOUNT OF BEING AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ON 9/11. He seems quite apologetic in a new statement released by his PR team, but one still wonders what kind of mind it takes to lie about that in the first place. 
I'll conclude with something a little happier and frankly quite delightful: HERE IS A PHOTO OF A SEAL RIDING ON THE BACK OF A WHALE. What is he doing up there? How did he stay balanced? What did they the seal and the whale talk about do you think?

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