Friday, September 4, 2015


As we speak I am already far outside the city, en route to Portland, Maine for the long weekend. I hope you all have equally exciting and enjoyable plans, but if you don't I have some light reading below that should tide you over for about an hour. The rest of the time... Sorry, that's up to you.
SALAD IS OVERRATED. Not just because it's the most common sad desk lunch, but because lettuce is a nutrient-lacking strain on resources. Interesting read, friends. 
This week, STYLE.COM PUBLISHED ITS LAST ARTICLES. The closing down of this digital fashion bible (which is moving its new content to under "Vogue Runway") is the end of an era online, and personally, I'll miss it. 
SHOULD YOU QUIT YOUR JOB WITHOUT A BACKUP PLAN? Tess Vigeland discusses this high-stakes way to get what you really want out of your career, this week in Fast Company
Are you feeling emotionally dead inside? Watch these two videos of TWO EXES DISCUSSING WHY THEIR RELATIONSHIP ENDED and get your feelz on.  
Speaking of feelz, have you ever considered the real, tangible HEALING POWER OF HUGS? This opinion piece from NYT is worth a read, followed by a squeeze with someone you love. 
As we get into September, we're reaching prime al fresco dining season. For that reason, you need this MAP OF ALL OF NYC'S SIDEWALK CAFES. Spoiler alert, there are more than 1,000 of them so good luck getting them all in before we freeze over. 
If you need a new 'gram account to follow that will give you the lolz plus a little bit of wanderlust too, you need to follow @SOCALITYBARBIE. I wonder what she's up to over Labor Day Weekend...
I should also note that there are a ton of awesome sales going on this weekend. To help direct you towards the best deals, I've rounded up a few of my favorite pieces for you to shop in the carousel below. (Note that it scrolls!)

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