Monday, August 31, 2015


Labor Day Weekend in Maine

In June, I wrote a post about my summer mantra, about how the only thing on my bucket list was to LIVE IT UP. I mentioned a few things I wanted to do before the last summer of my 20s came to an end. Well spoiler alert—we're almost there. Labor Day is coming in hot, and I'm squeezing in a never-been-there weekend trip to Portland, Maine. I'm aiming to eat every lobster in the state and see every lighthouse because I'm that excited.

As per usual, I'm excited to pack for the location—and get into the nautical, laid-back East Coast vibes of Portland. Island cruising around Casco Bay, day trips to Kennebunkport, biking and kayaking all call for preppy-meets-easy pieces that will look good with a lobster bib. 

A COZY MEN'S SWEATER: I'm a big proponent of oversize sweaters, and a nautical stripe or cable knit crewneck works over just about everything, including a swimsuit or summery white shorts. (See also: anything fuzzy and LL Bean.)

SANDALS & BOAT SHOES: It's my understanding that Birkenstocks are a universally rejected shoe by most people, so I'm pretty sure if I can wear them in NYC, I can wear them in Maine. (No?) Boat shoes (traditional Sperry Topsiders and nothing less) are a preppy staple, and I think I'd really like to wear them on an actual boat.

SOME WELL-CHOSEN FLAIR: A sporty cap (repping NY, of course), an industrial-meets-nautical bracelet from Miansai and some glamorous shades provide a nice mix—especially with a pretty red lip to make all the navy and white feel a bit more feminine.

EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME FINISHING TOUCHES: As I've said before, I think it's silly to buy heaps of things that are only really for the purpose of a specific occasion—vacations are not costume parties (usually). So, while thematic elements are fun, things like a casual leather carryall tote and an olive green utility jacket will be wearable throughout the fall. 


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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. HAD to comment because you are going to LOVE Portland! I lived there for 3 years and miss it every single day. Its beyond beautiful this time of year, the food scene is UNBELIEVABLE, and its just SO FUN.
    Have a great weekend!