Monday, August 17, 2015


{ This week I captured some great photos—but little else—with my phone... }

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that my latest uploads have not included the skyscrapers of NYC or even the dunes and shores of the Atlantic coast. I've been enjoying my official summer vacation—a short stint in Seattle for a friend's wedding, followed by an entire week with my family in Sun Valley. It was restorative, to say the least.

I'm willing to concede that I really wasn't posting much in the weeks leading up to my trip, either, and I apologize. In the six years I've been writing this blog, breaks have happened. A lot. It's something that non-writers or bloggers often ask me about, "How do you keep going? How do you continually things of new things to say?" And for me, the answer is that sometimes, I can't. I get writer's block—blogger's block—whatever you want to call it. Sometimes it comes at good times when I'm so blessedly busy enjoying the real world that I have no desire to contribute to the digital space. And sometimes, it happens at a bad or sad time when I'm so wrapped up in my own "stuff" that I can't create anything I'd proudly post here. 

For reasons that I am fairly sure I will dive into here on the blog in the near future, my inspiration block this time around has been due in part to processing a bit of personal sadness. The good news is however, that in a testament to my nature as a writer, processing leads to words on paper. (Or the screen, as it were.)  

So, I'm dropping a quick note here (as I eat a this-really-isn't-New-York bagel at the Boise Airport) to say hello and beg you not to give up on me just yet! I'll be revving up the content here again very, very soon. Thank you for sticking by me and waiting out my dry spells, you have no idea how much I value the opportunity to share little bits of my life here with you all.


  1. <3 you and look forward to these forthcoming posts that I know will be rich, rich content.

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