Friday, August 21, 2015


As promised, I am making a concentrated effort to BRING IT on the blog again, after a bit of a creative drought. Oddly enough, these simple link posts are one of my favorite things to work on each week, as I really love to share the things that entertain, educate and excite me around the webz. So without any more blah blah blah, behold this week's haul: a movie trailer, some humor, home decor inspo and more. As always, thanks for sticking around!
If you're going to be traveling domestically outside the US sometime soon (from Paris to Nice, for example) TIME HAS AN OFTEN-SUCCESSFUL AIRLINE PRICING HACK YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT
I don't support cheating husbands or the mistresses they collect. However, I really enjoyed this cheeky opinion piece from The Cut CELEBRATING THE AUDACITY OF CHRISTINE OUZOUNIAN. She's going to be shamed and struggle to rebuild her reputation no matter what. At least she's having fun with it? 
Have you guys discovered BEZAR yet? It's an amazing marketplace for independent artists, jewelers, etc. I check it out almost daily for interesting finds, and am currently "adding to cart" a series of luggage tag prints for airports in places I love. (PS: I'm getting the smaller versions, available directly from the creator's site.) 
VULTURE'S INTERVIEW WITH @THEFATJEWISH'S JOSH OSTROVSKY is pretty interesting. Is he a terrible human, a joke thief, an idiot, a publicity genius, or a little bit of all of them? 
Also, I just finished reading / listening to The Martian by Andy Weir. If you like space, survival stories and generally entertaining fiction, do read it. If you like space, Matt Damon and crazy special effects, WATCH THE TRAILER FOR THE MARTIAN MOVIE (which comes out October 2). Anyone else have chills?
Oh speaking of movie trailers, TULLY AND I ARE SO EXCITED FOR 'EVEREST' THE MOVIE we can hardly control ourselves. Based on Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air, I think it's going to be impossible for this movie to be anything but totally amazing and terrifying and emotional. 
If you were to ask some of my friends to name one of my favorite foods, they'd rattle off pasta and croissants—and bagels. Good lord I love them. Anyway, EATER HAS THE ULTIMATE GLOSSARY OF NYC BAGELS and it's making me hungry. Bagel shop crawl, anyone? 
On a slightly personal note, my amazing friend KILEY is running the NYC Marathon on November 1, and doing so to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, a cause near and dear to her heart. Won't you join me in supporting her by purchasing A SET OF DARLING GREETING CARDS DESIGNED BY XO-LP (who happened to contribute to this wedding post earlier this summer).
On an additional personal note, I wrote a cheeky ARTICLE ABOUT BASEBALL HATS FOR STYLE GIRLFRIEND. Check it out if you like baseball hats or know a man who does.


  1. Thank you so so much for sharing the notecards! I appreciate you! xo

  2. You're the best, girlfriend! Thanks for sharing the love. Can't wait to run the marathon and celebrate your birthday ALL IN THE SAME WEEKEND!