Wednesday, July 29, 2015


No, I'm not rediscovering "Latch" and trying to pawn it off on you again—I know I couldn't fool you guys like that. No, no. This is a brand new song from the dynamic pairing of Disclosure and Sam Smith, called "Omen." I have to say, I feel like this could be a late contender for #SongOfTheSummer. "Omen" has catchy-but-sometimes-hard-to-understand lyrics, electric vibes, pretty great drops and of course, the sweet, sweet vocal charms of Sam Smith. Listen below, before I say anything more:

Come on. How hot is this jam? It's not surprising that after the massive success of "Latch" that these two artists would collaborate again to try and recreate some of that magic. Do you think they did? Tell me your thoughts and feelings!

*If you're in need of a #hawtjamz bonus round, I offer up Major Lazer ft. MØ covering Frank Ocean's "Lost." Man, I am good to you guys.

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