Wednesday, July 1, 2015


{ "Caught up in an overflow, my hands — your bones" }

I've had this song, a Jerry Folk remix of Oh Wonder's "Lose It," in my Soundcloud library of "likes" for some time. It wasn't until I listened to it played loud over a car's bass-heavy speaker system—while speeding along a highway in the evening—that I truly appreciated the killer beat and anxious build of this song.

This is the kind of song you turn need to turn way up when you roll the windows all the way down. You've got to give yourself a moment—let your body be. There's a bass drop in this song that kicks in around the 48 second mark and you just can't help but throw your hands up, close your eyes and feel all the feelz. Take a listen below and get ready to file this under "the ultimate summer nights jam to have on repeat."

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