Monday, July 13, 2015


I'm not a Type A person—but if you look at the home screen of my iPhone, you'd never know it. I keep all my apps on one page, with the ones I use most frequently visible and near the top, and the others neatly organized into just three folders. No scrolling; nothing superfluous. (Though it's irrelevant to the story, I also abhor that little red notification bubble, and so am constantly updating my apps, viewing missed calls and getting through Twitter notifications, etc.)

That said, I'm pretty selective about my apps, and frankly until this year, had almost no extra ones, save for the requisite Instagram, Spotify, and Uber-type stuff. However, I've changed my tune (as I so often do) and have embraced some of these "extra" apps that actually make navigating and enjoying NYC a little bit easier. From eating out to getting around, bringing the party in your purse or bringing snail mail to the digital age—I have a feeling you'll be adding these little squares to your phone very soon...

THE INFATUATION: This is the first of two apps you need for the nights you're not trolling Seamless for something to eat on your couch. The Infatuation (my most trusted source for restaurant reccos in NYC) has an incredibly handy app that can geolocate you to the restaurants they've reviewed, lets you create a "Hit List" of places so you can keep track of notable eateries you want to try, and lets you search, obviously. 

RESY: Here's the second. If you've got a literal taste for the finer things—aka you're looking to snag a reservation somewhere fabulous (where it's actually really difficult to get a table around 8 p.m.)—then you've gotta try Resy. This app frequently has prime tables available (ranging from day-of to up to two weeks out) at buzzy and iconic restaurants alike, ranging from Minetta Tavern to Miss Lily's, Balthazar and Maison Premiere. Some reservations require a $5 hold, many do not.

VIA: This new ridesharing app has become my go-to alternative to Uber and Lyft. Via charges just $5 a ride—and can take you anywhere between 110th and 14th Streets in Manhattan. You'll probably pick up another passenger along the way, hence the "ridesharing" aspect. The drivers are incredibly friendly, the other riders are (in my experience) kind and considerate and the cars are premium. When I'm too tired to walk home from work or need to get across town to a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day—Via is ideal.

NOON PACIFIC: You already have Spotify and Shazam, I'm assuming. But, I urge you to consider adding a new music app to your arsenal: Noon Pacific. Every week, they upload a fresh playlist of new tracks—mostly fun remixes and electronic pop stuff with an indie lean. It's a great way to discover new music and hit refresh on your commuting soundtrack (if you're above ground—for now you can't access the playlists offline).

PODCASTS: Nerd alert! Also, I know everyone already has this app if they have an iPhone, but I've become so jazzed on podcasts on my commute since I became a Serial addict just like everyone else last year. Lately I've been listening to a lot of the NPR family's offerings, including RadioLab and TED Radio Hour. My other favorite is Dear Sugar—featuring advice on life and love from Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. 

HEADS UP: Nothing (I repeat, nothing) livens up a bar night or mellow wine time at home with friends better than a game. Heads Up costs like $.99 and it's worth every penny. It's an easy game that friends and family of all ages can figure out and play well, and it also records each round so you can relive the embarrassment if you want. This is a lot easier than carrying Cards Against Humanity everywhere you go.

POSTCARD ON THE RUN: This is an app that my friend Sammi just clued me in on, and I'm obsessed. For a little less than $3, you can create and send a personalized postcard to just about anyone if you have their mailing address. So far I've sent personalized thank yous, random hello's and "can't wait to see you" postcards with abandon. I already feel this becoming as much of a painless-until-it-adds-up money situation as my morning coffee habit. Except this brings people joy—so whatever!

CITI BIKE: For those of us New Yorkers brave enough to hit the mean streets on two wheels, Citi Bike is pretty awesome. I'm planning to take the plunge and purchase a year-long membership this month so I can cut down my commute time

*I'm working with Via as a ride ambassador this summer, cruising the mean streets of NYC and testing out their new rideshare program. This isn't sponsored content though—I just like what they're doing!

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  1. To be honest, I found your blog through an article by the Wall Street Journal. And I thought the name of your blog was funny. Your posts are hilarious and I like the way you write. Just thought I would let you know.