Friday, July 10, 2015


I don't know about you guys, but I've got serious post-vacation blues. After spending a long, long weekend in Newport Beach, New York feels even more oppressively hot and humid. (Let's use that as an excuse for why my posting was so minimal this week...) The thunderstorms aren't helping. But—you know what is helping? Adorable photos from Princess Charlotte's christening, cheese infographics and some hot Tinder tips from a matchmaker in Brooklyn. Dive in, and have a great weekend!
If you're in need for some romance #truthbombs, read this interview from Racked with AMY VAN DORAN—THE FOUNDER OF THE MODERN LOVE CLUB, a matchmaking service in NYC. She is wise as hell, y'all. 
In need of a juicy—and compelling—read for the summer? Vanity Fair highly recommends JULIA PIERPONT'S DEBUT NOVEL: AMONG THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS. It came out on Tuesday and I've already bought it from Amazon. Let's read together, shall we? 
Do note that Buzzfeed has created AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT COLLECTION OF CHEESE INFOGRAPHICS to enhance your enjoyment as well as impress others at parties with wine and beer. 
TINDER HAS CREATED VERIFIED PROFILES. So like, when you see a person who appears to be a celebrity, you'll be able to know if it's really them. Good...? 
If you haven't taken at least 5 to 20 minutes of your week to look at PRINCESS CHARLOTTE'S CHRISTENING PHOTOS SHOT BY MARIO TESTINO, you're doing everything wrong.
The Cut spoke with A CELEBRITY DIVORCE EXPERT ABOUT BEN AND JEN'S BREAK UP—AND MORE. If you're a celeb news hound, you'll find this so interesting. 
And finally, what is guaranteed to be the craziest, most amazing story you will read this week, if not all month. TWO SETS OF TWIN BROTHERS IN BOGOTA, COLUMBIA GOT THE SHOCK OF A LIFETIME. You guys, this is the stuff of movies. 

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